8.20 2010

Laundry cabinets, take two.

I’m over my tantrum,
and I’m ready to repaint the cabinets. 
Yep, repaint.
The picture above is the new glazed white cabinets…
…already disassembled.
It wasn’t until everything was done and put back together until I realized that while they were very pretty alone, they are too brown for *this* room. Out of curiosity, I put the doors all around my kitchen 
and they are gorgeous & perfect in there. 
(Of course they were.) READ THE REST //
8.15 2010

Painting the laundry room cabinets, day two

Yesterday’s plan to paint went according to plan, 
and without a hitch.
I painted them in Bone White in Ben Moore’s Aura.
It was the first time I’ve used Aura and I’m hooked.
Only 1/4 gallon was needed for the entire laundry room! READ THE REST //
8.14 2010

Painting laundry cabinets, day one.

This project is five years in the making and words cannot express how glad I am to finally be doing it.
Yesterday was spent prepping and priming.
I did it all by myself, and slept like a baby.
It was a good opportunity to pull out the appliances and realize that yours truly is not as good a housekeeper as once thought.
I’ll spare you those images.

An entire month was spent researching which paint products to use, talking to just about every paint guy in town, and getting a different answer from each one. I almost went with an oil-based primer so I wouldn’t have adhesion issues down the road, but at the last minute I took the advice of one guy who told me that XIM water-based primer will stick just fine.
I chose Krud Kutter to clean and degloss, which I like better than TSP because you don’t have to rinse it off. But, it didn’t touch the really sticky residue. Mr. Clean did the trick. 
Everything is primed, and ready for paint today.
Hopefully, tomorrow is glazing day.
I hope you’ll check back to see the progress!