11.26 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
I want you all to know how thankful I am for my blog friends, especially because last year
I didn’t know people blogged about the things I’m also interested in. You all truly enrich my life.
We hosted, as we usually do because I LOVE doing Thanksgiving. READ THE REST //
11.21 2010

Project Diaries, Volume 9

Welcome to another week of inspiring projects!
A personal thank you to all who joined the party last week.
Life has gotten in the way of me posting (for 2 solid weeks now), but I do have a finished dresser and chest to share  tomorrow. READ THE REST //
11.15 2010

Project Diaries, Volume 8

Welcome to another week of inspiration!
I’m working on some projects myself, but went a few days doing nothing because I lost the tip to my spray gun – and thought I’d lost my mind right along with it. Yesterday I decided to just paint with a brush and went to stir a can of paint only to gleefully discover the tip rattling in the can.
So, today I am getting busy! READ THE REST //
11.9 2010

Before and After :: 1920’s Antique Buffet

 I know I say this a lot, but this is my favorite piece yet.
I found this antique buffet/sideboard on CL, and called to ask the usual questions,
including if it had always been in a smoke-free environment.
She said “no, it hasn’t…”
Because of that, I offered $25 less, and she accepted. I drove out to take a smell look.
If the smoke smell was bad, I knew what kind of primer I could have used to cover it up.
But, when I got there, there was no smoke smell in this little lady.
 It needed some repairs and wood filling, which wasn’t too bad, and although I could restore the top, the base was trashed.
Yes, I know, I know, you don’t paint over antiques.
That is, unless it was not well taken care of and is beyond repair, which was the case with this.
 Here she is after stripping the top, re-staining it, and painting the base BM Bone. This has become my favorite white for furniture, as it is not glaring, yet doesn’t have any yellow in it.
It is a soft, mellow white.
I looooove her.
I kept the original hardware, and painted it black.
I staged her  with a 70 year old mixing bowl
(which I found at at a garage sale) filled with limes.
I am lucky to have a neighbor who always brings me lots of fresh limes.
I love the top, which has a beautiful, hand-rubbed finish.
Have a great day!