3.24 2011

A Classic White Dresser

To all who left comments on this dresser I am so appreciative of your helpful advice.
I had serious painter’s block, and your suggestions got my ‘ol brain working again.
Here is what this dresser looked like before. The wood top couldn’t be saved because I had to remove a lot of veneer that had water damage and had bubbled. So, the entire thing had to be painted. READ THE REST //
3.7 2011

A Cute Desk and a Bad Back

I’m surprised I’ve been able to accomplish anything these last few weeks with this awful back of mine.
I injured it in 6th grade passing pumpkins side to side down an assembly line for our school’s pumpkin patch, and I have had problems ever since. This last bout has just about done me in! I’ve done hot stone massages, yoga, muscle relaxers, heat, ice, etc. If you have any tips, I’m all ears…
But, let’s talk about this cute little desk that’s been sitting in my garage for a year. Someone had taken a fully loaded brush with black paint to it, and just went to town. I didn’t think the black fit with the feminine lines of the desk. READ THE REST //