4.28 2011

The "Sausha" Cabinet

Before you go any further, I must warn you.
I  just painted over perfectly good wood.
And I am aware that it breaks a rule somewhere, so if you need to look away, by all means please do!
My buddy Sausha from {Show & Tell} LOVES chippy paint, and her love for this READ THE REST //
4.26 2011

A Small Side Table for Trudi

Hi there! Remember me?
I recently made over this chest for a coworker of mine. She’s had it for a while and wanted to re-purpose it and use it as bedside chest. She wanted it black, but told me to do whatever I thought was best with the hardware and the distressing. READ THE REST //
4.4 2011

Our Playroom Now

So do you remember this playroom?
We converted it to a guest room for my sister. We didn’t know how long her stay would be, but she was welcome here as long as she needed, and I wanted her room to be pretty and cozy. I sifted through, donated, and relocated the toys, and my sweet friend Karen helped me for hours removing the wallpaper: READ THE REST //