Affiliate Program

Do you like what our book has to offer to those interested in creating custom finishes, and would you like to receive a commission by recommending it? Our affiliate program is easy, and pays $5 per book sold because of you!

How do you get paid?

On the 10th of each month, we will deposit your commissions from the prior calendar month directly into your Paypal account. Easy money for you, and a win-win for everyone!

How do you promote the book?

If you genuinely believe our book is a valuable resource, is well-written, and will save others a lot of money and frustration on trial and error, then post about us on FB, Twitter, and/or your blog, and leave our linkable button on your site for residual traffic and income. All the details on how to do this are outlined below for you.

Becoming an affiliate requires a few steps, but is actually quite simple. (I recommend opening this page again in another browser so you can go back and forth between reading the steps on this page and implementing them in another browser, side by side.)

  1. Join the e-book affiliate program with e-junkie.
  2. Click here to find our e-book.
  3. Scroll down and click where it says “click here to join Stories of a House’s affiliate program.”
  4. Click on “get affiliate code” in the Manage Your Affiliate Account page.
  5. Click “get affiliate code” in the Select Merchant page. (Use this code for Twitter or FB.)
  6. For bloggers, select an image/HTML code from below to put on your site (within a post and/or in your sidebar). Email and I will send you a word document with the image codes. All HTML editing must be done through a word document or the link won’t work. ***If you want to send me your personal ejunkie affiliate code and which size button you’d like, I’ll send you the code you’ll need to use for your blog.***

Images to choose from (you must email me for the codes in Word)

125 x 125

125 x 250


250 x 125

  250 x 250

7.  Within your selected image/HTML code, you will need to change a couple of things so that each sale is credited to you.

*** Please note that we do not give complimentary copies in exchange for posting on blogs or for becoming an affiliate unless you have a large blog/FB page with an active reader base ***

For example, if you chose this 125 x 125 pixel code from the Word document I sent you (remember to edit all HTML in Word):

<a href=”“><img src=”” /></a>


↓ And your unique affiliate code from step 5 looks something like this ↓

<a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle”>Click here to visit Stories of a House.</a>


↓ Replace the bolded/black text  in the original image HTML code (as shown above) with the bolded red text portion as shown above, using your unique e-junkie affiliate code↓

<a href=http://your unique e-junkie affiliate code><img src=”” /></a>


↓ The new code will look something like this ↓

<a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle“><img src=”” /></a>


***You do not have to include >Click here to visit Stories of a House.</a> that is contained within each affiliate code. (This will allow the button to stand alone without any linkable text above it.) ***

Terms and conditions:

  • Commissions are not paid for personal purchases.
  • We cannot track/are not responsible for “missing” commissions as a result of  not inserting the unique e-junkie code properly. Be sure to test your link to make sure it is working.
  • We reserve the right to block affiliates as we deem necessary for any reason  (i.e. the site is not family-friendly).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me; I’m  here to help, and will get you all set up!


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