12.7 2010

Before and After :: Black Sideboard


In my last post, I spoke of two pieces that I had sprayed 7 times. Well change that to 9.

There seems to be a white dust epidemic in my work area which is problematic when spraying black.
I eventually found a decent solution, and finally have something to show for my effort.
I picked this up at Goodwill for $34.99.
I actually first sprayed it white.
Then, I thought it was a little masculine for white, and it needed to be black.
I had to be a hero.
It would have been great in white with black cup pulls,
not to mention saving me the agony of spraying it 9 times.
Eventually the black worked out, and here it is after its’ makeover.
Did you know you can get satin nickel cup pulls for $1.79 on Ebay?
The seller I used and recommend is The Knob Shop.
They have 100% positive feedback.
(Opinion is 100% mine.)
I usually don’t do sleek black finishes, but I think it works for this piece.
It would be a nice sideboard or large dresser with a plasma t.v. over it

50 thoughts on “Before and After :: Black Sideboard

  1. It reminds me of a dresser I did a while back that had similar lines. I did it white with black cup pulls and a Dark Walnut stained top. It definitely worked, but I love the black too! A long skinny brushed silver pull vertically on the center cabinet would look nice. Awesome job as always, my friend!

  2. It looks great! All the hard work payed off.
    I liked it in white also. I saw one of those at the Good Will Store, but they want $140.00…we'll see if it sells. They sure look good with a new paint job. Thanks for the inspiration. : )

  3. It looks great in black! I used black Valspar on someone's recommendation and it never seemed to dry. Not even months later. The drawers still stick a bit. I guess I could steel wool it and see if that worked.
    Does yours feel really dry???

  4. I love this!!! I need a sideboard just like this for my hallway.. or wherever really… I have a table in my entry thats really tiny so i want to replace that too, and a lot of our furniature is black finish (at least in the living room.. and that was the hubbys doing when he bought it, i personally dont like it.. gets dirty and you can see scratches very easily)

    I am your newest follower! :)

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