2.17 2011

Church Pews go Modern

I have to admit this was the most unique thing I’ve refinished.
My friend and her husband own an art gallery and framing shop, and they found two 20′ church pews for free on CL because they otherwise would have been trashed. They thought they’d look cool back to back smack dab in the middle of their gallery:
Obviously the 1970’s fabric and beat up wood needed an upgrade.
She knew who to call :)
 Everything was cleaned and prepped in the gallery.
 Then we hauled these heavy things to their back parking lot to paint them a sleek black.
Tara said she found a little piece of paper tucked inside one of the pews that said “Greg and Marcia 1976.” I don’t remember the actual names she told me so I made that up since these were from the 70’s. I hope “the real” Greg and Marcia are still happily ever after.
She chose a really cool, modern fabric and did a great job recovering the seats.
They definitely make a statement, and the designers that come into their shop love them.
John is extremely talented with finding unique artwork and also framing.
I wish I had taken more pictures of the show-stoppers I saw in their gallery.
If you live in the Phoenix area, their website is The Art Department. 
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  1. Good Day Sir/Madam

    Anthony Smith here, I will like to inquire about your (Church Pews) with the specification below. Kindly email me back with the price quote meeting my demands or if not, advise of any alternate as well as the quote and the specification. Also, the type of payment methods and options applicable.

    DIMENSIONS: 10’L X 18″W X 40″H

    Anthony Smith

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