5.30 2012

How to build in an entertainment center

built in entertainment center

I haven’t posted in a while, because we’ve been busy getting some projects under our belt before moving in to the new house – all the big dusty and paint fume projects, that is.
And let me tell you…these tasks are taking 5 times as long as I had planned on! However, I AM starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. One thing that must be completed is our DIY built-in entertainment center. Here is what we started out with (this photo is from the original MLS listing):

I was lucky to find this unit on Craigslist, and we immediately  went to work on making it a built-in fixture in our family room.

Kevin added the beadboard and trim to finish everything off before the t.v. is mounted.

More close-ups of patching and making this unit a “custom” built-in:

Here is what it looked like after adding the drywall:

And after painting the walls Frazee Keratin:

We taped everything off so I could use my paint sprayer and make everything pretty!

…and after a few coats of a custom-mixed creamy white paint….

Updated to show the after::


Another project we’ve been working on is removing tile around our kitchen island. We thought it was such a waste not to be functional so we are adding pull-out trash and recycle cabinets:

With the new/unfinished cabinets I’ll have to paint everything to look cohesive. It’ll eventually be beautiful!

7 thoughts on “How to build in an entertainment center

  1. Wow! That built in is going to be amazing! I envy your ability to visualize something like that. You guys are really taking on a lot at once. Your new home is going to be fabulous. Can’t wait to see some of the finished projects! Are you making your own garbage pull outs for the kitchen or are you buying a kit/custom?

  2. I have been checking regularly to see if you have posted anything and yeah…It all looks wonderful. Most of our new home is painted Tony Taupe (your bedroom color) and I love it with my Shabby Chic (White) possessions… Can’t wait to see your finished product. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us and God bless your efforts.

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