10.8 2010

Brenna’s Dresser

This is my most favorite dresser transformation to date.
I had the sweetest client ever call and ask if I could take a look
at this antique dresser and quote a custom refinish:
Do the gorgeous lines grab you like it did me?
This dresser had me at Hello.
She said she bought it a few years ago, never intending to paint it.
But, her friends would come over and say, “Oh! Are you going to paint it?”
So, she thought, “oh…should I paint it?”
Then she called me to take a look.
“Would you paint it?”
“Yep, and you will LOVE it.”
So we went ahead.
I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.
First, there was some business to take care of in the way of a lot of chipping veneer.
That had to be secured and the chipped areas filled before I started.
This is a step that I highly recommend not skipping.
(I do not take shortcuts on my prep work, and it pays off.)
Brenna will have a sound dresser that will last for years & years.
Excuse the driveway shots. It was too heavy to bring inside for it’s photo op.
I had to find a color that matched her current white furniture, and chose SW Creamy.

My client let me decide what direction to go with the hardware.
I cleaned the original pulls, then primed and painted them
Rustoleum’s Satin Nickel, and sealed them.


I replaced the two knobs with crystal ones, and I also brought over a pink option.
We chose the pink once it was in the room.
It was perfect!
(I forgot my camera when I delivered it. Bad blogger etiquette, bad.)
It is the most gratifying feeling to have a client be so thrilled with the outcome.
They LOVED the transformation. If I could do this for free, I would.
The best part was that we made a new friend. Brenna and my Little Women got along so well,
and I’m sure a play date is in their future.
“L,” if you are reading this, it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to meet your precious family.


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  1. Beautiful refinished result! I'm glad I found you today over at Susan's link party. Your tip on painting the hadware with Rustoleum's Satin Nickel will help me with my client project – Refinishing Thrifted Finds….

    😀 Lynda

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