5.30 2012

How to build in an entertainment center

built in entertainment center

I haven’t posted in a while, because we’ve been busy getting some projects under our belt before moving in to the new house – all the big dusty and paint fume projects, that is.
And let me tell you…these tasks are taking 5 times as long as I had planned on! However, I AM starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. One thing that must be completed is our DIY built-in entertainment center. Here is what we started out with (this photo is from the original MLS listing): READ THE REST //

10.11 2011

Old Farmhouse Door-Turned-Command-Center

functional decorating with antique door

Hello my friends!

I think it is about time I posted the old farmhouse door reveal that my friend and I worked on. It took me a while to find slots of time to work on it, but it came out nice and it is very functional. She wanted it to be something she would see and use on a daily basis, so I made it into a command-center of sorts. READ THE REST //

2.9 2011

I sent an S.O.S. and got a lifeline

Last night I posted this photo of me getting ready for my sister to come and live with us for a while.
I wanted her room to be cozy and sophisticated, so I started ripping down the grasscloth paper in the playroom.
(Okay, I wanted it gone anyway.)
I felt a sense of dread as I realized the power of wallpaper paste.
I don’t like anything related to drywall. Or painting walls. Painting wood is my thing. READ THE REST //
10.20 2010

Video Tutorial :: Black Rub Through Distressing

For those who have wondered how I distress a lot of my pieces, I hope it is helpful!

I added the final finish to this desk today,

and should have pictures up tomorrow.
Stay tuned!Edited to add: if you are doing large areas of distressing, don’t use the solvent. The dullness may be too obvious, even after the clear coat. But, for smaller areas and highlights, knock yourself out!

Until next time my friends,