1.13 2013

How to modernize a gold mirror


I haven’t posted lately about the little projects I’ve done around the house. I’ve mostly been repurposing and repainting things we already have to make it work in our current space and decor.  This gold mirror worked well with the decor in the last house, but it doesn’t work with the vibe I am looking for in this house. Since I didn’t want to just give it away, I gave it a makeover for my teen daughter’s bedroom.

Getting into all the little swirly parts was tricky even with a paint sprayer, but with some patience it eventually covered just fine. It looks great on my daughter’s wall and it didn’t cost a thing! I’m motivated to repurpose several other mirrors around here for a no-cost solution to empty wall space.


7 thoughts on “How to modernize a gold mirror

  1. Sure wish I had your artist’s eye and young woman’s energy! But I don’t. Still, I relish every Story of a House to see what you’ve been up to.

    This mirror repurpose is beautiful, as all your projects turn out.

    Thank you. Love, CAC

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