4.25 2013

Check out our new kitchen stools!


We’ve been on a counter stool hunt for quite some time. The island needed something in front of it, and the girls needed another spot for homework or eating. The problem we kept running into was that all the ones we liked were bar stool height. We thought about going with these – this one is from Kevin’s office drafting table:

kitchen stools1

We liked them okay…they are cute, but the metal was too noisy on the tile, and a bit too industrial for this room. One night I went online at World Market and found one I really liked, AND they were marked down 1/2 price at only $45 apiece. Ka-ching! They come in a few fun colors, too. The one review said they were difficult to put together and they tipped over easily. Also, they are on clearance, so I was a little doubtful. But, the cheapskate in me won and had us at Cost Plus within the hour.

kitchen stools01

They did require some leveling which Kevin was able to do. I guess they could be considered a bit tipsy like the one reviewer said, but it wasn’t a big concern for us. The problem we had was that they were too high for our counter. But I loooved them! We stood there and stared, trying to convince ourselves the height was fine. Then, we looked at the legs. They had spindles, which meant we could cut them down to size.

kitchen stools5

And so, we, er, Kevin, cut then down with his table saw.

kitchen stools6

Here are the heights, before and after:

kitchen stools4

kitchen stools2

They fit perfectly! Of course, cutting the legs of stools won’t work for all types of stools, but with some creativity and an eye for the one you like you might be able to make it work. Kevin’s architectural eye says they especially work because each one fits right outside of or in between the pendant lights. And so, we have one more thing checked off the house list. Woot!

55 thoughts on “Check out our new kitchen stools!

  1. Love those stools!!! I did something similar with newel posts.I had a friend who wanted to add some table legs to a nice wood top that her teenage daughter was using for homework and beading. She didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on some nice turned legs, so I looked in my garage and found the old newel posts that we were going to use in our house, cut them down to size and added them to the top… they look great!!! It’s awesome to take something “imperfect” and make it perfect for you! Love those stools and wish I had something like it for my kitchen! :-)

  2. A silly question, maybe , but I see only four stools and know you are a family of five. Do you draw straws or something for who will stand up? hahaha


  3. I love your stools. I am just about CRYING now because I only bought some (after searching for years – yes plural – I just couldn’t find something that I loved that would work)
    last month for a TON of money and I don’t even like them as much as I like your World Market option. (i searched that website (and many others) 100 times in past years and have never stumbled across them) Crying. Enough about me…. your barstools look lovely!

    • Ohhhh Melissa, I’ve been in that boat SO many times! As soon as I find something I’ve been looking for it’s too late! Many times I bait and switch by selling what I don’t want anymore on CL and buying the next thing – maybe even on CL too, and can either break even or only spend a little more, sometimes I come out ahead.

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