10.28 2010

Fall Cooking :: a Great Pasta e Fagioli Soup

I thought I’d take a short break from furniture and other projects (to rest my two trigger fingers caused by my love and overuse of my HVLP) and to share some AZ fall. I wish it could be fall all year. Our weather has finally cooled, and we’ve had some much needed rain. One was a doozy of a storm, with hail that damaged almost everyone’s car that was parked outside. I was home, and realized I was parked in the driveway because I had furniture projects going on, so I RAN to the playroom, dumped out a bucket of toys, moved the furniture aside and ran to the car with the bright pink bucket on my head to get the car in without a concussion from the gigantic hail! I pulled the car in before any damage, only to come in to find water POURING in through the dog door! It was unreal.
But after the storm settled, we looked up and saw this:
Hi, God.
 It appeared to begin and end on either side of our cul-de-sac.
 View from the backyard.
That cozy feeling I get every year kicked in.
 I lit up my FAVORITE candle, Creamy Nutmeg…it makes the house smell divine.
And I made soup! I make all kinds of soup when the weather cools down, and I had to share this one with you because it is so delicious.
The ingredients are easy.
Brown and chop, and put everything into a pot to simmer.
Oh, man, is it good, especially if you make it the day before.
Here is the recipe. I hope it becomes a regular in your house as it is ours.

Pasta e Fagioli Soup

29 thoughts on “Fall Cooking :: a Great Pasta e Fagioli Soup

  1. Christa,
    Looks yummy! I wanted to stop by and tell you that I followed your video tutorial about how you distress furniture. I really liked the result! I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned you and your tutorial in my blog and linked back to you! Thank you so much!
    Kim :)

  2. Beautiful rainbow! I love them. So after I read this post, got up to check for the ingredients and now I am waiting for the ground beef to thaw out. I was planning on leftovers for today, but this soooo much better!!

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