3.5 2013

Cottage Gray Chest of Drawers


Hey strangers! It was so nice to be in my shop this week, working on furniture again. I’m just about done painting all the cabinets in the house – a task I’ve grown to dislike very much, hence the procrastination to finally complete it. I forgot how much I enjoy the process of repairing and painting furniture to be enjoyed again for years to come.

I’ve had this antique chest of drawers sitting around for a while. I was tempted several times to just take it to the dump because of how many repairs it needed. But, I decided to go ahead and try to make it sound again, and am glad I did.The repairs and prep work only took me a few hours and I love the finished piece. I chose a Behr color called”Silver.” I usually don’t use Behr paint but Home Depot was close to home so I went for it. I replaced the old knobs and handles with an updated modern version. Here is the before and after:


I’m off to find some more furniture in need of a facelift. Hope to be back soon!

10 thoughts on “Cottage Gray Chest of Drawers

  1. I could use you around my house. I have an end table that MY PARENTS started their house with. They were married in 1934, so it’s at least THAT old and possibly older, since they might not have bought it new. I don’t have your talents but certainly appreciate all you DO with yours. This piece was certainly worth all your efforts. Would also love pix of your cabinets — the ones you’ve procrastinated over but now have finished. They too must be splendid.


  2. What a difference from start to finish. I bet it did take a lot of elbow grease to get in to its present condition… but well worth it as I second your Mom’s opinion in that it is “exqusite.” :)

  3. I love how this dresser came out! So glad u saved it from the dump! 😉 I would’ve kept the beautiful old hardware and just painted it tho…it’s part of the charm of an old piece. Oh we’ll, to each her own! Great job!

    • That’s funny you mention that about the hardware, Deanna. I plan on painting it as an option for the buyer. The metal is bent and everything but someone might just like it that way! I also love the character of original hardware.

  4. This chest is quite beautiful. I like your choice of color. I could see this in a driftwood finish as well – perhaps just the drawer fronts done in driftwood. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with anything driftwood and I found a product on another DIY site about driftwood that you might enjoy trying if you’re into driftwood at all. It’s called Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish. It’s pretty cool. I’d love to see what driftwood inspired ideas you would come up with.

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