Decorating with antique windows

I’ve always admired the use of antique and farmhouse doors and windows in decorating, and wanted to incorporate at least one somehow, but wasn’t sure how or where.

Here is some Pinterest inspiration:


Every Love Story Window




Antique Window Chalkboard - Farmhouse 6-Pane Window - 38 x 23


Then, one day a friend and I went to an antiques store just to browse, and I found this old window pane. The original patina was okay, but a little too rustic and yellow for my room. I also needed to be sure I carefully sanded in a contained garbage bag (in case there was a potential for lead paint – I didn’t have a test kit) and then I repainted, distressed a little, and sealed it for protection.

window pane boxwood wreat001

A close up of the layers of paint underneath the finish I put on it…

window pane boxwood wreat002

I love preserved boxwood, and found this wreath online at Amazon through Flora Decor to fill the window. I am anxiously looking forward to Miss Mustard Seed’s tutorials using preserved boxwood.

window pane boxwood wreat003

window pane boxwood wreat005

A quick staple of some burlap on the back of the frame to hang the wreath, and voila!window pane boxwood wreat004

The window and wreath sit in the corner of our kitchen dining table nook and we are yet one more step to pulling the house together.window pane boxwood wreat006

The project reminded me of the farmhouse door I helped a friend convert to a command center for her hallway, which was a really cool find.


What is your experience with preserved boxwood? How long does it last, and any tips on making it last longer?

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