1.8 2012

A Girly Executive Desk (and ebook winner!)

Girly Executive Desk

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
First, our e-book winner is….

#8: Sharon from Elizabeth and Co., congratulations! I’ll send you your download link soon.

Since we are closing  on a new house next month, we are exhausted from pulling all kinds of things out of our current house (such as the  built-ins we paid a pretty penny for) and we are also scouring CL to place furniture in spaces with different dimensions. It’s been nuts around here.  It will be so nice to downsize and also save money on utilities because we won’t be heating or cooling 20 foot ceilings. I thought I’d share a $60 solid wood desk that I found on CL last week that will be perfect for my new home office.

Here it is, being unloaded.
The owner did a lot of patching with wood filler (a little too much, really), which I had to sand down before painting it.

The top was absolutely beautiful; it just needed to be refinished. Ahhh, love that wood grain.
(I have no idea what it is, though.)

I love the way the top came out; so rich and pretty.

The top has many light and dark wood inlays around the border which are simply gorgeous.

I painted it in Acadia White (an Aura color) and glazed it to bring out the details.
This thing is 6 feet long and will be situated in the middle of my office with a rug underneath.

I kept the original hardware and just painted it black.

The desk will face outward towards the entry of the office,
and I’ll situate two chairs facing the desk with bookcases and storage behind where I sit.

A view of the sides…

I have some finished pieces that are going into Audrey’s shop January 12th which I haven’t shared because between moving, my sister’s wedding in February, and planning her shower in just a few weeks, I’m running in so many different directions! I’ll be back, though :)

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34 thoughts on “A Girly Executive Desk (and ebook winner!)

  1. I think this is the prettiest piece you’ve ever done! Love it. In fact, I have an oak desk here at home that looks very much like it that you’ve suggested doing the same with. I now agree! :) Love, Mom

  2. Ooh La La, Christa! EVERYTHING about this is absolute perfection. ♥ ♥ ♥ that you chose white with that gorgeous top- burl wood? We’ve gotten desks SIMILAR (never so pretty) which I’ve tried talking Mike into painting white. I’m thinking this will sway him for sure :) This is the first thing I’ve done this morning in the hopes you’d have it up on the blog so I’d get a better look at it (the picture text doesn’t do it justice). WOW! Can’t wait to see her in the new office. Congrats on the house and to your sister!

  3. I agree with Keeley – picture texts dont do it justice!! It turned out soooo good!! – i love seeing it all done with the hardware. And the top is amazing, there is no way i could sell that one!!

    I so want to paint a piece white/cream with the black glaze – i looked all around my shop today for something to paint that way!! :)

  4. hi christa… just found your site and love your work… especially this desk! would love to know what you use to finish the top… if you don’t mind… thanks so much!

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