8.16 2011

The First Day of School :: "Please don’t send us back!"


This is the last time my kids smiled…yesterday before school.
After logging countless hours shopping for supplies and uniforms for the smoothest start possible,
I thought all systems were a “go” for the first day at a new school.
Everyone loved their backpacks and lunch boxes. Check.
Everyone eventually found shorts and shirts they liked. Check.
But, the morning of, complaints about how the uniforms either fit or itched or what not were flying.
Their hair wasn’t to their liking.
The positive tone we had finally arrived at quickly reverted to fear and resistance.
As the girls pried themselves away from me before they were led to their new classrooms the look in their eyes did me in. I walked away with a quivering chin and a lump in my throat rather than introducing myself to some of the parents.
A half a tank of gas later I felt optimistic as I returned to pick them up in the low-riding van with some potentially better uniforms. I was confident they would give a good report because in general they LOVE school. I know, weird.
Instead, I was greeted with BIG crocodile tears. Moms, you know the ones I’m talking about.
They even cried over their favorite custard at Culver’s. That’s when I knew this wasn’t good.
One of them will be just fine, although she gave it the ‘ol college try to look upset like her sisters.
The girls came from a warm-fuzzy, happy go-lucky school with lots of frills and happy distractions, and it’s a big adjustment. This school is a traditional, back-to-basics school that emphasizes discipline and a strong work ethic. They are begging me to put them anywhere but here. We want better academics for them – better than AZ state standards which are nothing to brag about. In discussing the events of the day the one thing that I will go to bat for is not allowing any teacher to use strictness as an excuse to disrespect my child. She’s never cried over a teacher before, and this morning I requested her to be transferred to another class.
One of our girls cried herself to sleep while I prayed for her. I so hope today is better.
Man, change sucks. There, I said it. And we’re just getting started.On a happy note, I got a really cute haircut today.
Any advice for Mama? I’m all ears.Edited to add: right after I finished this post the Principal called and granted my request to transfer my daughter. Baby steps.

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  1. Christa, change is hard and sometimes it does suck. We've moved 14 times in the last 19 years. My kids have changed schools a lot. We just moved again this summer and my kids are starting over a.gain. My son is a senior so that's doubly hard. My daughter left her best friend and is still heartbroken. But I just tell them that I have their best interests at heart and I would never put them somewhere that I didn't feel that they will be happy and successful. I tell them to give it time and in the mean time, I make sure I listen and encourage. It won't happen overnight. But give it a few weeks and you'll be amazed. Praying that tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Wow, 14 times in 19 years…that's almost every year! We will definitely give it a few weeks. Praying for your kids' adjustments right along with ours.

  3. It's so hard when the children are unhappy. My grandson was never happy when he was younger. He wanted to stay home with his Pop. He would scream when he was dropped off and tell my husband, "Pop", "you're gonna miss me". It was heart wrenching. He finally got better. (Oh, and he was never moved away from the district he started school in). Today he is in his third year of college (but is a Senior), going into the ministry, loves college and being out in his own apartment. So there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there and prayer DOES help!!! We said and still say many prayers for our grandson. He has a 5 year old sister starting Pre-K. Luckily she has been at the same location for daycare, so I don't think she'll have the same anxiety. My daughter is a Principal at our 9th Grade Academy and she feels like crying too…..approximately 600 ninth graders with hormones raging will converge on her this Friday! I'm praying for her too! :)

    Hope things settle down quickly for you and your girls. Will add you to my prayer list!!


  4. Oh, no, Christa! I'm just playing catch-up here (I need to go back and see what I've missed), but I'm so sorry your girls (and you) are having such a rough start to the school year. After going back a bit to catch up, I'm wondering if your girls are going to the same school where some good friends of ours send their kids, which is a traditional school as well. Adrian is also starting out at a traditional school and loves it so far, but I can only imagine if he didn't love it! My thoughts are with you. I'm glad the principal was receptive to your concerns and I hope your girls grow to love it. And if not, I'm sure you'll find the right place for them. Big hugs!


  5. Yea for the cute haircut! :) I'm so glad you were able to change teachers~ she or he sounded like a meaney! I hope the girls settle in and start to enjoy school again. I'm sure this is a really hard time for them. At least they know they have their sweet mama to come home to.

  6. Christa, I don't have any tips for you but I have to tell you that I think you are a wonderful mother. You have their best interests at heart and are looking for the best education for them. I applaud you. Good for you for transferring your daughter. I will pray that things get easier for your daughters as they work through their transition. They are all beautiful girls!

  7. Education..Tough one..I think as long as you have their best interest at heart you should be good..Change is hard especially when it comes to children and school..I would say keep your eyes and ears open and let them know you will always be there to listen to them and help them overcome whatever problems they encounter but that they should make the effort to try..It should all work out..It’s a new place for them and as with anything change is not easy..Hope it all works out for you..

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