1.30 2011

Free Table and Some New Digs

Back in December my friend Heidi and I went to a Christmas Party, and when she arrived she told me she saw this across the street from her house. Of course we found a way to sneak out and snag it.
Our hubbies refer to us as Thelma and Louise because adventures always seem to find us.
Or perhaps we find them.
Kevin was very impressed with this contraption for some reason. I didn’t get it.
Obviously the top had to be refinished. I thought it was Tiger Oak but one of my readers told me this is Quarter Sawn Oak (thanks Susan!).
I used Dark Walnut then applied several coats of Tung Oil.
It’ll be very durable.
I think it is so pretty.
It came with casters in case the new owner wants them. I think it’d be great cut down to a coffee table.

 And I’m super excited about what I’ve been working on this weekend – a new workspace. The cabinet holds all my products, and there will soon be a spray booth in the 3rd car garage. I cannot wait!

And so I’ve been very motivated to reorganize the garage, and Kevin’s love tank runneth over…
Here is everything that was taking up precious space (minus the plastic bins). Unfortunately there was a lot of paint products that went bad.
Edited to add : Hubby and I always dispose responsibly. Everything that can be recycled will be, and of course all the dried up paint products are going to the hazardous waste place.
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40 thoughts on “Free Table and Some New Digs

  1. Your table came out beautiful!!! I love it! The top looks like quarter sawn oak, which is more valuable and rare. It's funny how some people can't see the value in things. It really is true that "one person's junk is another person's treasure". I'm with you, I am always wanting to rescue things that I see people discarding. I'm able to see David when others see a big block of marble. Some may say that it's a disorder, but I say it's a gift. And…we are gifted ladies…aren't we?
    Susan : )

  2. Wow! That is a great find, and the grain in the oak is beautiful. You did a super job bringing that out. I like the color of the stain. My best friend from high school refinished some things for her first college apartment, and she put something like fifteen coats of tung oil on a table. LOL! I laugh, but you could put anything on it without marring it. I need to do the same thing to our kitchen table. Enjoyed seeing this. :-)

  3. Oh my Gosh, what a great find! The table is absolutely beautiful!! I have such a strong desire to follow in your footsteps and make something over…I just have to make the time and find my piece! I love it, love it!!

  4. Love the table, I'm trying to find a table to refinish and want to stain the top. I love the look.
    But…what I'm eyeing is that amazing dresser in the background of your trash pile. Can't wait to see what you do with that!!

  5. That is gorgeous! We just inherited a hand-me-down oak table. It's a great table, but the honey color is awful. I have been debating whether to stain it darker or paint it white. Now I know I can do both! I will SO be copying this finish. It's beautiful!

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