2.9 2011

I sent an S.O.S. and got a lifeline

Last night I posted this photo of me getting ready for my sister to come and live with us for a while.
I wanted her room to be cozy and sophisticated, so I started ripping down the grasscloth paper in the playroom.
(Okay, I wanted it gone anyway.)
I felt a sense of dread as I realized the power of wallpaper paste.
I don’t like anything related to drywall. Or painting walls. Painting wood is my thing.
Meet my dear friend, Karen. She actually reads my posts when they go into her inbox, and she wrote me this morning that she’d come and help me. She’s a gem.
We quickly mastered the art of fast wallpaper removal, and we both enjoyed it.
After taking the kids to school, I bought some supplies. I have a Home Depot and a Lowe’s within 1 minute of each other, so I went to both and got everything I thought I might need. I picked up some DIF (from Home Depot – Lowes didn’t carry it) and a steamer.  I also got Piranha remover spray from Lowes, which was the only brand they carried.  It wasn’t very effective, so hopefully I can return it.
First we ripped off the layer of grasscloth. That was therapeutic.
Next we scored the paper backing.
Man, my hands look old.
We put some water in a pan and added some DIF concentrate and rolled it right on to the wall.
I think it was faster, easier, and more effective than using the spray bottles.
 After 10-15 minutes, working in sections, we let the steamer do it’s thing.
 It effortlessly came off in sheets!
We tried removing the paper using just the DIF, and just the steamer, but it was the combination of the two that made it soooo easy. Not the daunting task I was dreading, at all.
Just be careful not to let the steamer sit even 5 second too long, because it’ll soften the drywall too much and you’ll gauge it. I had some patching to do, but I was just so happy that we only spent a couple of hours removing everything. If we’d figured out the DIF/steamer trick, we would have been done even sooner. We removed the residue with a scotch brite pad and clean water.
It went so fast that there was plenty of time to make a nice lunch and relax.
(Hey Lori, I made her our favorite roasted brussel sprouts – she loved them.)
All the trim work got a fresh coat of paint. Kevin asked me what the deal was with my sloppy work.
My motto is, ‘I’d rather scrape off then tape off.’
 Everything is prepped for priming and painting.
Here was the room 24 hours ago…
…and now. Lots done, and lots more to do!

12 thoughts on “I sent an S.O.S. and got a lifeline

  1. You have such a great friend! And the room is already looking great.

    Those roasted brussel sprouts sound delicious. No one else in my family will eat them, but maybe I'll just make them for myself anyway.

  2. Good work! The room is looking great. I actually think peeling off wallpaper is fun, especially when you get a big chunk of paper to come off with one pull. Kind of like peeling skin after a sunburn… I know, gross. Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint on trim does for freshening up a space? I can't wait to see what color you go with for the walls.

  3. that is THE BEST saying i have ever heard – i am serious. I should totally get that in some vinyl lettering or something?!?

    I despise taping – i hate it with every little bone in my body – i would rather have all my teeth pulled (well, that may be a little dramatic) – but it really is such a waste of time.

    Best saying ever!!!

  4. A little too late but should you ever neeed to take down wallpaper again…my family used a mixture of laundry softener and water (50/50) and sprayed it on with a spray bottle. Removed the wallpaper AND smelled good!

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