4.12 2013

Kassidy’s room

kassidy's room00005

I’ve had requests to see some of the rest of our house, even though most rooms are in a state of flux.  In our quest to begin tackling our to-do list, we worked on Kassidy’s room this week. I had originally painted this CL bed for her, thinking it would work well for her room, but the foot board recently broke off. Rather than finding a quality solution for repairing it, we decided to get her something less bulky. In general, the bed was out of scale for her room. Here is what it was before it was broken:

kass first bed001


kassidy's room00011

So, we bought her a new bed at Ikea for $99. (Wall color is BM Folk Art, Bedding – Target, Lamps -Ikea).

kassidy's room00005

Better, huh? Of course, a room always looks better without cups on nightstands and laundry on the floor :). Her sisters like the bed so much that they want me to sell theirs and get them the same one. If you’ve read my blog for long, you may remember seeing the same bed when I converted our playroom into a guest bedroom (wall color: SW Believable Buff). Seriously. This bed can work with any style.

kassidy's room00008

I will never get rid of these animal prints. Someday, my grand babies will enjoy them. One of the many, many things I love about Kassidy is her spirit of contentment. When she outgrows something, either I have to notice or she will tell me when she truly does need something. I love it when out of the blue she smiles and says, “mmmm, I’m happy.” She’s so laid back that way, but we also joke that she could easily be secretary to the President as she has our social agendas planned and memorized down to the minute. Anyway, she’s had the above animal print pictures since she was 3 years old! She still loves them and has no plans on me changing them in the near future. I got the prints through Art.com and bought the frames at an Aaron Brothers two-for-one sale so it was a cheap solution that has lasted us for over 8 years. I just asked her the other day if she still loved them, and yep, she does!  Of course, all of our girls have their own strengths and all are special in their own way. We just breathe them in and celebrate them as much as possible…

kassidy's room00006kassidy's room00007

Kassidy also doesn’t mind me buying and refinishing Craigslist furniture for her. I bought her dresser and two nightstands on CL for less than $150. When I asked her if she’d like some pretty glass knobs for her nightstand she said “Actually, I’m happy with these.” “Okay, well….would you like me to take you to Hobby Lobby and you can pick out any kind of knob?” “Yeah, that would be fun.”  Her love language is quality time. Precious. So knob shopping we will go.

kassidy's room00009

Anyone out their have this bed, too? Also, what are your art sources and secrets for adding character to your walls without breaking the bank?

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  1. Yep, we have one of these Ikea beds. At that cheap price I was worried that it would be a rattly, loose piece of junk. So far one year later it is just as sturdy as can be and no chips in the paint. We LoVe it!!!

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