1.26 2011

Repainting a Sleigh Bed

It is amazing how fast these girls have outgrown their little girl rooms.
Kassie’s bunk bed just got moved in to her little sister’s room, and eventually her dresser and bookshelf will too, so we are outfitting her room to accommodate a queen bed. Now all of our girls can accommodate a sleep over.
Here is the before:
And now:
I was so bummed that the  CL seller smeared liquid gold all over it, because I wasn’t planning on priming it – I was going to do a chemical rub-through (which you can’t do when you prime), so I had to sand through the edges instead. It still turned out okay. A sleek black would have been nice, too.
The set also came with two tall nightstands that I will hopefully finish soon, and a t.v. armoire that I’ll probably paint in a fun barn red and sell. We’re on the lookout for a pine dresser that will coordinate with what’s going on in here.
I absolutely love the happy chartreuse green we painted her walls in, and the faux wainscoting we added, along with crown moulding (oops, no photo).  Obviously the bedding needs to be addressed and those pillows are waaaay too small.
Kassie’s a very happy camper and can’t wait to sleep in her new bed tonight.
(That’s not a bad paint job on the right corner of the footboard – just a light reflection  :)

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