8.12 2011

Living Day to Day, and a Video to Warm Your Heart.

It has been a slow summer in every way.
Stabilizing our housing situation has been arduous.
I even closed my shop anticipating “the big day” to arrive, hence no pretty furniture pictures.
Well, the summer came and went. We are still in limbo with banks and paperwork that appears to vanish into thin air. I think ghosts work at Bank of America.
Mama does not like not knowing which nest her chickadees will live in, or which school to choose by which nest this year. It has been hard on the little women, too. They want to stay at the school they know and love, and it has been a challenge not to give in to their begging and pleading. I had already decided on a more rigorous school in our neighborhood, which I would have to uproot them from after getting into the school I want for them in the new nest’s neighborhood – which I was told could take a year.
Even though we had a long shot of getting in to the stellar school by the house/neighborhood we hope to be in, I registered them anyway for this year. Two weeks ago one of them got in. I was thrilled, but I have 2 more little chickadees to think about. Hmmm. We prayerfully decided to take the spot and move the other two later and I stepped up to the role of taxi for a while. Last week I was told they had spots for the other two. We couldn’t believe it, with a waiting list that is upwards of 800 people, we got in in a matter of 6 weeks? My friend whose family attends there said she doesn’t know how we got in so quickly.
We’ve been praying for doors to be opened and closed to guide us wherever we need to be,
so we accept this as an open door.
We will be commuting to the new school as long as we still live here. Today we met our teachers and I almost started crying. I had that feeling every mother wants to have that your children are in the right environment for them, socially, academically, and value-wise. Wow.
What’s even better, the girls stopped pleading with me to go to their previous school cold-turkey, and are actually excited to start on Monday. We celebrated by going for haircuts, to bath and body works for their choice of body spray, and for lunch. It’s a great feeling to have my chicks content to realize this new beginning.
We reminisced today about the school they’ve loved so much the last two years. On their last-day-of-school talent show two of them opened it up by singing God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner, A Capella. It’ll make you smile. You’ll see Miss Kate-confidence (7) just walk up there without batting an eyelash that a couple hundred people were watching her. Kassidy (9) sang because getting on stage was a fear she wanted to overcome. She was nervously twisting the microphone and it lost sound for a moment so she lost her place, but picked right back up. Listen as she sings “as the rockets red glare….” It was her best moment and the hardest part of the entire song – I know I can’t sing it! I also think it’s SO funny that she started to say “glaze” instead of “wave” at the end. Hmmmm. I wonder how that word was right on the tip of her tongue? Sorry, Kassie!
I hope you enjoy their preciousness!



7 thoughts on “Living Day to Day, and a Video to Warm Your Heart.

  1. thank you so much for sharing…for some reason i feel connected to your blog/story…your love of Christ shows and not in a superficial way…your girls are awesome and i think kassidy should take some voice lessons…not because she needs them but because she is so good 😉

  2. The fact Kassie was nervous and did not only awesome but KEPT GOING with confidence was amazing.

    Sweet Kassie, we don't know each other but I want to tell you the courage and confidence you demonstrated was inspiring. Truly inspiring. Thank you.

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