7.18 2010

My Workspace

Tomorrow, I’m getting the heck out of here. You’re lucky I didn’t use another word, because it’s 115 degrees!
Our family is headed to Coronado Island for five days, Woo HOOOOO!. We’ve been going every year since the girls were little, and last year my brother got married right there on the beach. Hotel Del is in my blood. My parents took me there, and now I take my kids there. But, we stay somewhere cheaper and drive the whoppin’ 3 minutes to the Del’s beach everyday. We also do a Disney trip every year and stay at the same place. The girls anticipate these traditions, and they enrich our lives.
But before I go, I thought I’d show you my workspace. In case you were wondering. Because unless you have a dedicated shop, it can be a challenge. I really wish I had a basement. But, they don’t really do those in Arizona, although they are starting to.
For now, and until Kevin can get a handle on the garage, my workspace is my patio. When the weather is nice, I love it. Right now, not so much.
This is where I do my spraying. I need to make an enclosed booth. Again, waiting for Kevin to help me with that.
^^^ Sometimes it gets pretty out of control. Chaotic, really ^^^
But, I usually manage to get it organized so that my creative mind is freed up.
For now, it works okay.

9 thoughts on “My Workspace

  1. Then you must be going to the San Deigo area. My daughter lives in Mission Beach, San Deigo and she said the weather has not been great but is superb this weekend. In CA if it is hot in the Central Valley it is perfect at the beach. Our forcast for this week at the end of the valley is around 100 for the next few days dropping into the high 90's mid week. Translation: Your week should be devine at the Hotel Del beach. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Thats a nice big space for a workshop. I don't actually have one. I use the balcony for the little things. I can't do the big thing until we are actually done with some of the major renovation projects and can buy/build a shed in the yard. :(

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