10.11 2011

Old Farmhouse Door-Turned-Command-Center

functional decorating with antique door

Hello my friends!

I think it is about time I posted the old farmhouse door reveal that my friend and I worked on. It took me a while to find slots of time to work on it, but it came out nice and it is very functional. She wanted it to be something she would see and use on a daily basis, so I made it into a command-center of sorts.

Here, again, is what we started with; an old farmhouse door she found on the side of a road in Minnesota.

First, we stripped off the old paint (VERY carefully – and I contained all the stripped paint in an enclosed metal can). I re-painted it black and used the original screen to hang pails that hold chalk and magnets. I screwed in some sheet metal on the left because she wanted an area to put things up – like pictures, things that need attention, etc. The right side became a chalkboard. The pails (from Hobby Lobby) were spray painted white and then sanded back quite a bit. I haven’t gotten a picture of her command center all hung up yet, but she used the existing hinges to hang it up.

Do you have anything “pinned” for an old door re-purpose? I’d love to see it!

Have a wonderful day!

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