10.21 2011

Old World End Table


Last weekend our community had their semi-annual garage sale. Rather than  selling stuff I really need to get rid of, I took the girls out to find some “new” things. The kids found fun treasures to play with, I found a $100 Cuisinart griddler ($10), a nice Ashley end table ($10), and a stuffed animal identical to “fuff fuff,” which was Kate’s little doggie she carried around until it was totally worn out (priceless).

Because I have developed an allergy to furniture sitting in our garage, I got the end table done right away. It was scratched up but had great bones!

My before picture didn’t turn out – and because I feel the need to justify painting something that isn’t scratched up, I assure you, it was! While Kevin was learning the video camera he accidentally took a picture, which shows the table in better light, but not the scratches.
(Fortunately, you can’t see how badly I need a pedicure in that picture.)
I thought a rubbed-through black finish was just right for this piece.
Tonight we are celebrating Kassie and Chloe’s birthday with good friends. My babies are now 10 and 12. Just yesterday they were 3 and 5! (Then again, “just yesterday” I was 27.) Raising kids is going WAY too fast.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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