9.17 2012

Our Family Room

Family room

I’m not exactly making the progress I thought I would over here, my friends. But, the family room is shaping up and I’ll take what I can get! This is the view from the kitchen. I’m so happy with the wall colors we chose (Frazee Keratin is the main house color), our homemaid built-in entertainment center, pendants from Lowes, and our  slipcovered sofa and loveseat in off-white. I have a feeling they will be washed often. I may have begged asked the girls to keep the dirt on the down-low or lay a blanket down so I don’t have to wash them as often as they aren’t easy to put on!  Call me lazy, I guess. I don’t like doing laundry but I sure do like clean stuff.

We are soon getting started on building our own farmhouse style table that will be situated to the right of the view of this picture. I bought some chairs on CL that I may or may not paint (Not these ones – I just sold them today as I found better ones for our space yesterday. Kevin and I really enjoy working on stuff together so I can’t wait to share all the details of our table and chairs. We’ve been brainstorming ideas for a month and think we have it figured out, yay!

And yes, the girls love their before-bed episode of the Brady Bunch. They say it wards off bad dreams. (I buy that story every night.)

32 thoughts on “Our Family Room

  1. It all looks so good!! You are gonna love your slipcovers – seriously one of the best investments ever! They take a little practice and patience to get on, but you will get it figured out in no time :) And you will love knowing that your couch is clean! You will never go back to a regular couch again – i promise!

    The wall color is perfect, love your new pendants and the built in is awesome! Cant wait to see more!

  2. I just bought similar slipcovers from Ballard! Mine are khaki (“sand” I think?) and they fit my Arhaus sofas perfectly. So glad I figured out that the Arhaus sofa is exactly the same design/size as the Ballard sofa. I saved myself a bunch of $$. But, they seem to attract fuzz and hair more than my old covers did? Sort of annoying when one has a black cat and a black dog. And I agree that they are tough to get on — especially on the chair. The sofa seemed easier to me.

    Where do you find the Brady Bunch for your girls? Do you have the DVDs or get it on the internet? My girls love it too but when I get it on abc.com sometimes it has some seriously inappropriate commercials.

  3. Christa, your family room is absolutely amazing. LOVE your view from the kitchen. Your light fixtures and ceiling fan are like jewelry, everything ties together perfectly ~ love it!! And all around the custom fitted entertainment wall – wow!

  4. Beautiful C&K! Everything looks so great its hard to imagine its been such a nightmare moving in with as many projects you guys have taken on. Love the fresh feeling of it all. Ryans bathroom door is so cool… a family full of creative geniuses! Your girls are awesome… ward off bad dreams, haha.

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