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Nope, that post title is not my original idea but an ode to a post written by The Nester a couple of years ago.

For me, her post said. it. all.
I find paint selection very difficult, and could definitely benefit from a course in color theory.
It’s all about undertones, undertones, undertones (green, pink, and yellow, oh my).

Since we are painting every trim, door, wall, closet, ceiling, and cabinet before we officially move our stuff in I’ve done a lot of research on color trends, and how to choose colors based on the existing floor and cabinet undertones in the space. Pinterest has been a great place to find ideas, as well as Garden Web. Have you been to Garden Web? I LOVE that site! Just google a paint color (i.e. Benjamin Moore Grant beige, Garden Web) and bam – you will find many threads to look through. It’s a wonderful site and a great online community.

Also, did you know that Ace Hardware now offers 14 oz sample cans of Aura and Affinity paint for $7? I bought several colors yesterday and am going to paint sample boards to bring to the house in order to make my final decisions. After a lot of thought (and eye strain looking at paint chips), here are my top contenders:

Cabinetry in the kitchen:

Ballet White


Or Bone White

(I’m leaning towards this color because it is very muted. I like soft, creamy whites, especially with a black counter top. Black soapstone would be my ideal counter – one day. I’ll take the doggie in the picture, too.)


Walls: Grant beige (I think this is the one.)


I also like Manchester tan for the walls.

It is supposed to be the most true neutral tan with subtle green undertones.


Trim/doors: Mascarpone (no photo)

So, do you have any of these colors in your home, or what is your favorite wall or cabinet color?



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  1. Love your colors you are considering, Christa! We have Grant Beige and Ballet White in our living room. Both beautiful. We must have tried at least 25 different colors in our living room before settling. Paint is tricky. I’d like a particular color on the tiny paint chip and then once on the wall it didn’t work in our room. I thought it was a fun process though. Can’t wait to see your new house!

    • My intire house had pinky beige cpaert when we purchased it,I did not like it,a few people commented that the cpaert was a nice neutral color,and couldn’t understand why I didn’t like it,it wasn’t neutral to me,I tore it all out and put laminate thru out,I had no idea how important the under tones are,why haven’t the stores?Have you thought about a special book for the stores,they need educated as much as the home owners,just a thought,but it would help thousands of people out with their painting if they had help with store clerks selling paint who don’t understand undertones,your book should be sold right along with the paint chips,I have wasted gallons of paint because I didn’t know anything about undertones,Have a nice day,Brenda

  2. Hi Christa. It sounds like you have your hands full with picking all this paint. I use Behrs Swiss Coffee for all my molding and doors. I like it because it is crisp with no pink undertone. Fortunately for me I have a good eye for color and I see the undertonesat first glance. Do to this talent I help pick out alot paint as well as other surface colors for friends and family. I find a pink undertone to be the kiss of death. It makes so many colors look dirty. But it sounds like you have a handle on the job. I can’t wait to see your new home with its new paint.
    If you have a chance pop over to my blog, I am having my first giveaway.

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