11.2 2010

French Farmhouse Table


I’ve had this table/chairs for several months because I’ve been uninspired, so yesterday I decided to strip the top and go from there. Still nothing. I went inside for inspiration and stumbled upon a post that Sherry at No Minimalist here wrote which showed her kitchen table:

Ding! Ding! Ding! After the lacquer was stripped, I sanded through the stain down to the bare wood, and did not re-stain it. As much as I wanted to keep the top completely natural, I didn’t want to sell it without a clear coat. I debated this, knowing that it would darken the natural wood, but after thoughts of someone spilling red wine on it, I decided to clear coat, and think there is still enough contrast between the top and the base.

Updated to add the finished table:

IMG_2728 [1600x1200]

IMG_2730 [1600x1200]

IMG_2736 [1600x1200]

The inventory around here has gotten pretty out of control, which I’ve learned is nothing but a monkey on my back. I’m determined to clear out the garage and back patio and make a fresh start, so I’m getting busy!

23 thoughts on “French Farmhouse Table

  1. Your table is beautiful! I just love the legs. Can't wait to see the fabric for the chairs. I have alot of inventory right now as well. But the weather here is already really chilly and I work in my driveway. Still trying to come up with a good plan for winter. I imagine that's not a problem for you in AZ. Good luck getting ready for the barn sale!

  2. Awesome table, and I can't WAIT to see it with the chairs. It's funny, I'm thinking I'm going to do a similar finish on a completely different style dining set that I have here: natural top with distressed black. Can't wait! Woo hoo! You and me, girl, knocking out the projects! :)

  3. Your table turned out AMAZING!!! Love it!!! Thank you so much for the feature! I will grab the button and post on my link! What a nice surprise for this Wed. morning!!! Have a great one! Thanks again! Christie

  4. Christa, Christa, Christa! Your post came at a perfect time! Love the table! I just picked up a pine pedestal kitchen table to replace our oversized rectangular table. Do you think pine would work with the finish you used above? It's gorgeous!

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