9.12 2012

Resolving an open master bath doorway

sliding barn door

While we are still getting settled and I have no inspiring pictures to share, I wanted to share a cool project my brother did for his master bath doorway.

He built this barn door out of pine planks in order to cover that space. When two work schedules collide it is nice to let the other sleep, and this was their solution. I’m sure it’s all over the internet, but the concept was new to me and I was so impressd with the results. My sister did one too, and while I was able to paint hers for her, I ran out of time to paint my brother’s with the move sneaking up on me. However, I told him what products to use and he did a great job.

^I love the track they chose for it to slide on^

Here it is all closed up, keeping bathroom lights away from the sleeping spouse.

My brother and his wife also did an amazing job with simple elements from Lowe’s to create a spa feel in their bath.

It’s so serene in there. I love all of the finishing touches, especially the mini chandelier and photograph of my sister in law’s bouquet on their wedding day. Simply fabulous!!

15 thoughts on “Resolving an open master bath doorway

  1. I’ve missed your posts! Hope the kitchen cabinets are working out for you! I love this door and track system. We plan to do something similar for our half bath. We were going to tear down the wall and do a pocket door, but I’ve seen this track system done a lot lately and think it’s a much easier option. I really like the track your brother used. Would you be able to send me the order info? Thanks!

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