5.18 2010

Kid’s Catch-all Desk

I purchased this totally trashed & abused roll-top desk because it was dirt cheap and paint magically hides everything. My girls have very creative minds, opening up every kind of “shop” imaginable and they design the most creative signs to go with them. They practically have the whole house labeled whenever we have a party with name tags and place settings for everybody. I love their creative spirit, but it can easily get out of control. I thought that having a designated spot to organize their signs, pencils, markers, tape, scissors, etc. would be a good thing.
The before:
I know it’s ugly, but the drawers glide perfectly!
After a few coats of black paint, some distressing,
top coating, and new knobs, it’s a nice piece that will hold a lot of creative kid stuff.
It hides everything.
Finally, a spot for their signs.
So many cubbies and drawers.
It’s reduced the creative chaos significantly.

16 thoughts on “Kid’s Catch-all Desk

  1. I just found you!! This is wonderful. I have a china hutch that is 25 years old and I am so sick of the wood. I want to paint it black but I was afraid because of the detailing. You have given me a lease to do it! Thank you.,

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