10.7 2011

Stately Antique Chest of Drawers


I am so excited to share an actual project with you! It was nice to take a break from writing yesterday and get creative again. I have *really* missed refinishing this past summer. It is my outlet and I cannot wait to get back to it!

I brought this piece over to Mike and Keely’s of European Paint Finishes to work on together, wanting to capture some more footage of us working. It was a gorgeous chest of drawers but it was pretty chewed up. It wasn’t bad for being made in the 1930’s, because the drawers worked great and it is a heavy, large, and solid piece. READ THE REST //

5.16 2011

Shabby French Armoire

One more piece is out of the garage! I see a light at the end of the tunnel :)
This one was taking up a lot of space so I was motivated to finish it quickly.
I remembered a before shot after I had already dismantled everything.
The finish was very worn, and some white paint livened it up.  READ THE REST //