4.12 2013

Kassidy’s room

kassidy's room00005

I’ve had requests to see some of the rest of our house, even though most rooms are in a state of flux.  In our quest to begin tackling our to-do list, we worked on Kassidy’s room this week. I had originally painted this CL bed for her, thinking it would work well for her room, but the foot board recently broke off. Rather than finding a quality solution for repairing it, we decided to get her something less bulky. In general, the bed was out of scale for her room. Here is what it was before it was broken: READ THE REST //

9.19 2012

My love of white kitchens

white kitchen cabinets

I’ve done many white kitchens in the past and I never tire of the look of them. They just seem timeless to me.

I had the opportunity to paint my parents’ oak kitchen cabinets white and when I am over there I always admire how much they brighten up their space. I finally got around to taking an after picture the other day at my sister in law’s baby shower. Here are some “during” pictures as I forgot to take some shots before I got started:

And after:

I love the black hardware against the white for contrast. (I used Benjamin Moore Aura paint in Acadia White.)

On another note, I’m very excited that Kevin and I are going to be building our farmhouse kitchen table soon. He drew up a plan of what we’ve been talking about and here is what we are thinking it will look like:

It’ll take us a few weeks but hopefully I’ll have the after pictures to share sooner than later. I recently finished painting my kitchen cabinet casings (again) and am working on the doors and drawers so there are a lot projects going on at once! Oh, the joys of being a DIY’er and a nester. The projects never end!

4.20 2012

Our Paint Colors

great room paint color

I’m excited to be sharing the paint colors we decided on before we move!

We have accepted an offer on our current home so the move day is drawing closer, but hopefully not too soon since there are a lot of dusty projects left to do. Ideally, those projects will be complete and I’ll do a thorough clean before moving us all in. READ THE REST //

3.9 2012



Nope, that post title is not my original idea but an ode to a post written by The Nester a couple of years ago.

For me, her post said. it. all.
I find paint selection very difficult, and could definitely benefit from a course in color theory.
It’s all about undertones, undertones, undertones (green, pink, and yellow, oh my). READ THE REST //