10.15 2012

Our Finished Kitchen

modern farmhouse kitchen

We’ve put all the finishing touches on the kitchen cabinets and are finally enjoying our kitchen!  It took us a while to get all the trim work, cabinet feet, and hardware ordered and installed as life is so busy, but we are finally there. Here is what we started with. The cabinets were nice to begin with, but as you know, I love white kitchens…

After…I can’t begin to tell you how much lighter and brighter this room is now.

We also demolished the tile around the kitchen sink to add two drawers, and a trash and recycle bin.


I was briefly unsettled when Kevin took a sledge hammer to it, hoping the installation went okay.

But, it turned out great, phew! (And, the dog hasn’t figured out how to open the trash bin yet like she did in the last house.)

I painted the toe kicks black and added bun feet to the cabinets so they look more like furniture than builder-basic cabinets. We protected everything with tape & plastic and used black spray paint with a spray sealer.

I also painted the pantry door and french doors to the backyard black then added black hardware to tie it all together.

We still have many more projects in the works to make this house a home!

34 thoughts on “Our Finished Kitchen

  1. I am working on a blogroll page and was wondering if you would mind being featured, as you are one of my everyday reads! If you don’t mind and have a thumbnail that you would like me to add I would love that. I love the progress with the new house :).

  2. It all looks so great Christa! You did an amazing job, no surprise there :) Genius idea with the kick plates and feet. LOVE it. All yours and K’s hard work paid off! xoxo

      • Bummer, I was just going to ask the same thing! I remember that you used Benjamin Moore Aura paint in Acadia White for your parent’s kitchen (I think) and it looks like a nice color as well. I adore the final look of your kitchen and want to replicate it!

        I just got an email that Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off their paint sale Nov 9-12 and have heard a ton of great things about their paints so was thinking of getting our cabinet paint there. Would you recommend the Acadia White for a kitchen again? And any thought about Sherwin Williams paint in your experience?


  3. Hi! Just wanted you to know I picked up your ebook and it is really informative.

    I am in the process of purchasing a house that also has dark kitchen cabinets and I would like to paint them, and the trim, because I too prefer white kitchens (and white trim also).

    And, your kitchen is beautiful! Love the black kickplates and buns!

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