7.19 2011

Weathered Turquoise Chest of Drawers

weathered turquoise chest of drawers
Happy Tuesday everyone!
I thought I’d share another furniture makeover with you all.
It turned out super cute, but I have only one picture that depicts the color even somewhat accurately.
I found this antique in pretty rough shape. I wasn’t sure if I could refinish the top because I found a hole in it and lots of loose wood fibers I had to clean out. I decided that the price was totally worth seeing what I could do with it.

First, I tried to fill it with “stainable” wood filler – the 2nd kind I’ve tried – but look what happened when I went to test a spot to see if it would stain:
Hmmm, that little speck of wood filler is not very stainable, is it now? Will somebody please let me in on the dirty little secret that Minwax and Plastic Wood is keeping from us, where they print a big fat “STAINABLE” on the label when their products are absolutely UNstainable? Oh, the unjustice…the outrage…buyer beware! Has anyone had any success with “stainable” wood fillers?
What to do, what to do…I really didn’t want to paint the top, so….
…I decided that if I couldn’t make it better, I’d go ahead and make it worse. I took a hammer to that flaw and smashed around it so that it looked like it had a major accident rather than looking like a drill hole. Then, I dug out all the loose wood fibers, and smoothed it out with my sander. Since the body of the dresser was heavily weathered, it completed the look.
I must say it’s absolutely adorable in person, and I’m tempted to keep it for the next house. But since we still, unfortunatley don’t have that “next house,” I will go ahead and sell it.
^ This is the only photo that came close to the actual color, which is a deep, and pretty turquoise ^
(SW Jamaica Bay, which I glazed to tone it down)
So, does anyone want to weigh in on the wood filler scandal?


21 thoughts on “Weathered Turquoise Chest of Drawers

  1. So pretty now. I have a dresser almost it's twin but with a little more decoration, but the same size, legs and little spindles at the top corners. I painted my white all over and used the same hardware that yours came with, but I love the personality of yours. Great job.

  2. I love that chest of drawers and the color is gorgeous! No wood filler tips. I would have gone straight to paint. But you figured it out just fine! No photograpphy tips either, my photos don't always show the colors accurately either. I'm in a hot mess on a regular basis!

  3. I love the look of this dresser. I have the same problem with depicting the right color on my camera. I have a turquoisish that always looks grey in the pic no matter what. Your piece is gorgeous, I love the roughing up!

  4. I LOL'd several times reading your post! I've never tried staining wood filler, so can't help you there AND my pictures more often then not don't turn out accurate either. Just look at my latest post, my headboard is pale pink but it looks white….kinda frustrating. That dresser turned out gorgeous, I love the color, if it's the color I THINK it is 😉


  5. I got your tip for you:

    You can make a wood filler from the sanding dust.
    If you sanded the piece, then

    Mix about 3 parts glue to 1 part dust roughly.

    There are two types of glue I recommend using for your wood putty filler. If you are going to keep the wood's natural finish and apply a clear coat, use a PVA Yellow Glue, such as "Titebond Glue". If you try to use this glue and stain your piece, you will get blotchy spots because this glue DOES NOT STAIN.

    If you want to stain your piece and give it a clean finish, then I recommend using a Hide Glue such as "Titebond Liquid Hide Glue". Hide glue accepts stain and wood dyes

    Once you've mixed your glue into your sawdust, you want to work the mixture into a workable putty, with a tacky feel. Push the wood putty into the ding,that you want to repair.

    Take a putty knife and even out the surface of the repair so that it is smooth and even with the surface of your piece. After the putty has dried, lightly sand with a finishing grit paper. Now you can finish the piece with stain, paint, or clear-coat.

    • I see that this post has won the best personal blog in the Philippine Blog Awards 2010, and this ineedd is worth it. Way. If I were a judge, you could have won 10 times over. Unfortunately, I was not.I’m looking forward to more posts from you Don’t worry I’m easy to please. Hehehe!As for this one, I was touched.Congratulations!

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