6.21 2012

Working on the kitchen


This is the status of our kitchen cabinets right now. I can’t wait to clear coat them this weekend and rip all the plastic and paper off! I am really happy with the creamy white color which was a custom mix.

The island had tile on either side of the sink, which Kevin and I thought was wasted storage space. So, he demo’d the tile.

And we added 2 drawers plus pull out trash and recycle bins.

Then Mama went to work!

Here is a before of the kitchen at a glance~

And now ~

 We are adding bun feet to the bottom cabinets, too.

I don’t know how long the doors will take me, but I am on the lookout for black hardware. If you see any let me know because I’m only seeing ORB, and brass.

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73 thoughts on “Working on the kitchen

  1. I have been enjoying following along on your Blog. We moved into a new house around the same time if not sooner. We have been SLOWLY creeping along with our projects. The recycle bins and garbage are such a great idea. The cabinets looks so much better without all of that tile on the sides. I would like to spray my cabinets too, but I have never done it before with a sprayer. How much overspray is there? Do you have a sprayer that you recommend?

  2. If you see knobs/pulls you like but the finish isn’t what you want just spray paint & seal em. Everything is looking good can’t wait to see the finished space.

  3. Wow! It is going to be gorgeous. Have you checked Overstock.com for your knobs? I bought ORB from them and I am happy! Thank you so much for letting us in our your progress. I can’t wait to see the finished result. I am excited for you :)

  4. Its looking AMAZING Christa! I can’t believe you are STILL working away. What a huge job to take on and keep at it!!! I love what you have done with EVERYTHING. Great eye on what to remove and what to add. Cant wait to see the final product! xo

  5. Whoa! I can’t remember now how I clicked over to your blog, but I’ve been back tracking and following all of your home improvements. You’ve been BUSY! You’re so ambitious! My husband added crown molding to our ordinary kitchen cabinets back in December, and when he got the stain out to match it to our cupboards, I stopped him. I told him that no, I wanted to paint them white. He closed his eyes, sighed, and said, “go for it.” Ha ha! (That was code for – “I’m not helping!” And this from the guy who gladly does ANYTHING for me!) I’m terrified to do it, and so they crown molding sits unstained, on my still-wooden cupboards. I think I just need to bite the bullet and do it. If you ever have the time, I’m curious to know more about how you went about doing your own cupboards. They look great!

    (And your most recent post about the encouragement between you and your hubby was very sweet!)

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