8.8 2010

Roadkill Desk Redo

You may remember this desk that I brought home like another stray pet. Unless an intervention took place, it was destined for the landfill.

My wonderful husband is the master rebuilder of bases that sit on wet curbs. He turned the rotted base into this:

I didn’t take a real before of the desk, but you can catch a shot of it here, after he replaced the base with good wood.
I paired it with this chair I found for $5.
It needed quite a bit of help, too.

After a new seat, new foam, and batting,  
they are the perfect match.

I distressed the desk and chair and glazed them with metallic taupe acrylic paint.

(I borrowed the glaze color idea from my pal Lori.
at Projects Plenty when she did this gorgeous sideboard.)

I lined the drawers with a little fabric and decoupage.

The lucky girl who gets this desk will be able 
to choose her fabric and knobs. 
What do you think she’ll pick?
Cute and all pink?

A mixture of pink and black patterns? (My personal favorite.)

Or all out sassy zebra?

81 thoughts on “Roadkill Desk Redo

  1. Oh whole lot of work, and SO WORTH IT! The chair is similar to the dining room chairs I just picked up, except your chair was in much better shape.
    You do lovely work and I loved the before and after. That hubby is definitely a keeper.

  2. You KILLED the desk and chair (in a good way). :) The set is gorgeous. I really like the pink zebra (that fabric was a score) with the black and white hardware… however, the other hardware option is very nice, too. I also really like the black zebra. I am thinking you won't have this very long.

  3. I love the desk and chair! My personal favorite is the pink zebra fabric with the pink knobs, which is strange, because I am not usually a pink person! But no matter what she chooses, all three options are cute! You did a fantastic job on them both! :)

    I hope you have a good night!

  4. Christa,
    This is not a makeover or even a transformation… it is a miracle! What a heavenly job. I am wild about the chair too. The zebera fabric is so fun.
    The glaze color for this desk is fabulous. I'm going over to Lori's to see what she used! WOW!
    Such a great and inspiring visit!

  5. Beautiful as always! I choose the pink zebra with the pink knobs too. Also, I love the bright pink paper as the drawer liners.
    Thanks for sharing! Best wishes to you!

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