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Avoid Shaking Lava Lamps: Consequences and Care

It’s not advisable to shake a lava lamp. Several reasons have arisen as to why you should not shake the lava lamp and the outcomes are worrisome. 

Many people may have a hard time handling lava lamps in their homes because sometimes they may stop working when you start moving them around. Before making any decision on whether to buy a lava lamp or not, you need to understand what will happen if you shake.

What Happens If You Shake A Lava Lamp? An Explanation

Shake a Lava Lamp

The reason why lava lamps should not be shaken is that they can disturb the oil found in the lamp, which is silicone-based. This will cause the oil to spread all over the lamp, making it clumpy and cloudy. A lot of users have testified how their lamps stopped working after shaking.

Now that you know what happens if you shake the lava lamp it’s advisable that you handle the lamp gently and understand how it’s operated to avoid lamp failure at all costs. 

When you gently handle the lamp, as expected, it will be easier to reset it later. Failure to do that will cause irreparable damage to the silicone-based oil inside the lava lamp.

Why Should You Not Shake A Lava Lamp?

  • Oil Is Naturally Fragile

The oil inside the lava lamp is not supposed to be aggravated; therefore, any form of aggressive movement will make the oil spread all over. 

Somehow, the lava lamp may continue to work at a lower rate. In some cases, the lamp can fail to operate completely.

If you shake the lamp after any incident, you should look inside and trace where the oil has spread. If it spreads all over, that means the damage has already happened. You should reset the lamp with the hope of working again or buy a new one to replace the spoiled lava lamp.

  • Oil Spreads Allover

Since the silicone-based material is inside the lamp, the idea of fixing it’s not that easy. Since the oil is so fragile, it also spreads rapidly on surfaces. 

Oil is designed to function without getting shaken or held by anything. Note that when it is shaken, the procedure of fixing it is not easy.

The oil will flow all over the lava lamp, making it hard to reel back in. You should not shake the lamp, thinking that it will get better.

  • Ceases to Flow

In the process of getting to know the steps to follow when fixing the shaken lamp, you will know what the key symptom is likely to be. Many will not discover until the lava lamp becomes clumpy.

It will cease flowing like before, indicating that aesthetic appeal starts to disappear. The best and safest alternative is to avoid shaking the lava lamp and leave it aside, and this will facilitate the lava lamp to reset and get back to normal.

  • Possible Damage on the Cover Shell

Many people’s concern only falls on the oil. Of course, it’s indeed good to be concerned about the inner part of the lamp, but also place more emphasis on the external shell since both serve different purposes. Don’t allow any component to be a victim of intentional neglect. 

As a result, you need to be cautious about the state of the external shell because any miscalculated act can cause you a lot of damage, which is the last thing you will need.

The external shell may crack depending on how vigorous the shake was. To avoid this, it is important to look for other options instead of trying to shake a lava lamp with loose things inside.

Is It Safe To Use Lava Lamps?

Lava lamps are manufactured in various varieties, making them light the room in unique ways. It has visibility that can be recognized when the lights are turned off. Many people like lava lamps in their homes because of such excellent benefits to the users.

Lava lamps are, therefore, safe and have been approved to be sold in the market. A message to the buyer is to consider the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the right precautions are followed. 

If you’re using a lava lamp it will brighten your room for a long time without getting damaged. Preferably, you can have this kind of lamp in your home since it’s easy to set up and works well.

What Makes Lava Lamp Stop Working?

Shake a Lava Lamp

Structurally, lava lamps cease working and expire after 2000-2500 hours of usage. It is not guaranteed, but it varies depending on the lamp’s size, quality, and environment. 

When a lava lamp is working at room temperature, it will last up to 2000 hours or more. It would be best if you were keen and informed before you invest in a good lava lamp for your home to ensure its durability; otherwise, it may not endure as long as you wish.

Another factor to consider is the right type of lava lamp you purchase. The wrong type of lamp will only work for months before it stops. That is why before buying a lava lamp, you must be careful when choosing the ideal variety for your home environment.

A common defect can cause the lava lamp to cease working, and that is when the metal coil inside stops working, causing the lava to stop flowing as desired.

How Can I Reset A Lava Lamp?

Many people mention the lamp that does not flow correctly. That can significantly impact performance issues, limiting what the lamp could have brought to the room. The first point to start is to learn how to fix a constant lava lamp.

To repair a lava lamp that is fixed and can’t move, you need to turn off the lava lamp and unplug it from the wall. Allow it to settle for at least 24 hours and ensure you don’t move it. 

If you don’t handle the lamp carefully, it may permanently get damaged. The problem is not impossible to repair, but some lava lamps require time to reset, and it is only done by unplugging.