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Backyard Carnival Games for Memorable Summer Celebrations

Backyard Carnival Games, Summer is just around the corner, and if you- or your child- have a birthday coming up, there’s perhaps no better way to celebrate the end of the school year than with your very own carnival.

Well, it may sound like an impractical feat worthy of a strong man, but the good news is you can easily transform your ordinary backyard into a fun-frenzied carnival. There’s a wide spectrum of fun ideas to incorporate that the trickiest part is knowing which one you want at your party.

To help start gathering inspiration for the party, we shared a list of amazing backyard carnival games that are sure to please any crowd. These carnival game ideas are super simple and straightforward to set up. They are considerably cheap and will involve minimal to no shopping material.

Backyard Carnival Games: Make Things Memorable as Much as Possible

Backyard Carnival Games

Needless to say, you most likely already have everything you need with you. So grant your kids a trip to the carnival for the best, most memorable birthday party with these DIY homemade backyard carnival games; otherwise, it’s not a carnival or a party without games!

Water Shooter Carnival Game

There’s probably nothing more apt for a hot summer day than some carnival-themed games- something your kids can play with.

What’s better, there’s a whole spectrum of ideas in this category so you’re bound to realize the most suitable backyard carnival game using tools and materials you already have at home.

Balloon Darts

The DIY balloon darts carnival games are an excellent opportunity for your kids to test their hand-eye coordination.

Alternatively, if your kids are well too young to safely handle them you could replace the darts balloon with water balloons and the darts for small rocks. Just be ready to embrace the mess from the water.

Beanbag Toss

This conventional backyard game is an excellent way to keep your kids occupied for a while. It is viewed as one of the best homemade carnival games.

What’s better, this carnival game idea only requires a cardboard box, some beanbags, and some handicraft tools. You are also expected to have some simple DIY skills for the setup.

Do-It-Your-Self Ring Toss

It’s hard to imagine a carnival without a nice ring toss game. In that case, this DIY ring toss is arguably one of the simplest ideas ever. In fact, all you need to incorporate this great idea is some necklaces, some masking tape and a large 12” glows stick.

What’s better, the fact that this game involves the use of glow sticks, which actually glows in the dark, means the fun can be enjoyed perfectly as a nighttime backyard party game.

DIY Food Tent

Of course, we can’t go over the entire list of carnival game ideas without mentioning the food tent. So simply get creative with this. Employ some distinctive colors and shapes of streamers, fun tablecloths, banners, dishes, food, silverware, and so on.

There’s another way of being smart with easy carnival-themed food ideas. For instance, you can consider popcorn pretzels, candy, and fried foods. You can even go for healthier alternatives such as fruits.


This DIY Plinko game is yet another great way to keep your kids occupied for hours. In addition to being a perfect homemade carnival game, it requires minimal materials, so you don’t have to worry about too much shopping.

Spray-Away Carnival Game

With only some ping-poll balls, some water shooters, and golf tees, you can incorporate this fun spray-away DIY carnival game for your kids short of a hustle. 

One of the best things about this game is that it shouldn’t take more than an hour to set up. You could simply install a points system and treat the kids with prizes such as candy for earning points.

Balloon Bat

Treat your kids to the best, most memorable moments in the backyard with this simple DIY project. Simply grab any type of plastic or wooden stick, some paper plates, some tape, and a balloon. Ideally, you can get creative with the tip. For example, you could couple this activity with sports like tennis or volleyball.

Duck Pond Carnival Game

Backyard Carnival Games

Your kids are bound to be impressed by this colorful duck pond carnival game idea. If the outside is warm enough, they might even be able to go for a swim in their pool after the game is over. The easy setup also makes the whole thing great and fun.

The Final Word

Everyone loves a great carnival and with the summer right around the corner, it is high time to incorporate your own.

The good news is that hosting a backyard carnival or party with family or a few friends is much easier and more fun than it seems. In fact, it would even be a viable idea for a future birthday party. Just don’t forget about the prizes.

With the above tips and suggestions on backyard carnival games, this process doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make your own carnival and just have fun. There’s a whole range of carnival games and activities, most of which are relatively easy to set up by yourself.

We’ve also included an amazing list of DIY carnival games, backyard carnival games for kids, simple carnival games, and outdoor carnival game ideas that you can consider while at home.

Now that fall is almost upon us, it is the perfect time to start working on fun party ideas. Whether it’s Halloween parties, New Year’s events, or Christmas parties, there’s definitely no better time for a carnival party.