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Bosch and Miele Dishwashers: A Comprehensive Comparison

Today’s consumer market is a maze, to say the least, and it would be preciously helpful to have some kind of guide to navigate purchasing and shopping of whatever it is you would like. 

This is especially true when looking for appliances and other items that require careful consideration given the commitment it takes to possess one for a decade or more. 

Your dishwasher is one such appliance. Now that you have considered all options available on the market and boiled down your choices to either Bosch or Miele, you will be glad to know that neither choice will give you an inferior machine. 

Both Bosch and Miele are products of German engineering which admittedly has always been the epitome of machine manufacture globally and historically. Of the myriad factors to consider when selecting either, there are some basics that are most important to consider. These include

  • Size 
  • Performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water usage
  • Longevity and durability
  • Construction material
  • Noise
  • Appearance
  • Price
  • Additional features

Every dishwasher in the market has taken the above factors into consideration to varying degrees but when comparing Bosch and Miele which are the two most successful brands of dishwashers in terms of quality, it is the unique aspects, particularly in the features that make them stand out from the fray.

Both Bosch and Miele outperform just about all other players in this niche by leaps and bounds as far as the factors above are concerned. So how do they perform against each other in any other regard?

Bosch vs Miele Dishwasher: Overview

Bosch and Miele Dishwashers

Sleek style and adaptive design

Bosch and Miele have considered modern tastes, particularly the minimalist appearance that many consumers like.

Bosch and Miele dishwashers match this style, making them ideal for most kitchens.

Miele dishwashers will be chosen by many exclusive consumers because to their near-perfect stainless steel facade that matches any design motif.

Bosch and Miele have models that fit big, standard, and compact kitchens without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

While many brands are still behind, both are ADA compliant. The 1990 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires models to accommodate disabled floor layouts.

Automatic Detergent Dispenser

Both manufacturers have effective dispensing systems that distribute detergent and water evenly, but Miele is the only brand with an automatic dispenser.

The latest Miele models have a detergent disk that dispenses every wash cycle and lasts 20 wash cycles.

Miele is the only dishwasher that can wash and rinse dishes without help.

This is especially crucial for delicate goods like wine glasses and elegant porcelain, which some can damage.

Miele is the only dishwasher that uses a sensor wash technology to assess water turbidity and optimize wash time, cycle, settings, and pressure for the optimal clean.No performance is better than this.

Durability and longevity

Bosch has long been a trusted brand in terms of durability and this is due to the extensive testing and robust nature of their appliances. Time after time Bosch will continually feature at the top when it comes to steadfast design and longevity. 

On the whole, Bosch will easily go a decade without experiencing a single fault that will require repairs and while most dishwashers can do the same, their lifespan is often riddled with repairs and upgrades. 

A good dishwasher is indicated for a ten-year performance without requiring repairs and touch-ups and Bosch qualifies easily.

Bosch does not, however, hold a candle to the peak durability and longevity that Miele boasts. 

The average lifespan of Miele dishwashers is twice that of Bosch. 20 years of value is no small engineering feat particularly where dishwashers are concerned. 

Dishwashers wear out quickly, but Miele lasts twice as long as most and needs no maintenance.

This excellent performance is largely owing to Miele internally manufacturing all dishwasher parts, including hoses, drain pipes, and wheels.

When you buy Miele, you won’t need subpar accessories. This is because they prioritize quality and sell their items as the best.


Bosch and Miele Dishwashers

Bosch and Miele dishwashers are more expensive than other dishwashers.

Bosch and Miele will increase pricier when newer, better, and smarter versions are released, but you’re still getting value.

Both are top-of-the-line brands with upcoming innovations that most cost-friendly brands lack, so you can be sure your appliance will never cost you more for repairs and upgrades.

The above criteria make Miele dishwashers more expensive than Bosch. The uncompromising cost Miele slaps onto its dishwashers is fair remuneration for all the added features in its design and functionality which undoubtedly continue to evolve with each model released.


While Miele outperforms Bosch easily, both are top contenders in this field and they have considerable performance and aesthetic value when it comes down to what is most critical.

Buy either Bosch or Miele with an assurance that either choice will see you acquire a superior machine of matching value.