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Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View

Being a private citizen means exactly that; enjoying privacy as a civilian. Being able to enjoy privacy within the confines of your yard quite often has nothing to do with nosey neighbors or stubborn neighbors but with an instinctual and normal need to control who can watch, assess or see you.

Essentially, your home is your most intimate habitat which means whenever you cannot freely operate and let loose within your home, you are uneasy and antsy since you have been denied the pleasure of rest and relaxation.

Taking a soak in your outdoor hot tub or pool, enjoying a meal with your family or spouse, barbecuing with friends, or having a private conversation around a bonfire should be a completely private affair which means your exposed backyard absolutely needs some landscaping done.

If anything, you may find that your neighbor appreciates your initiative since it gives them the very privacy you have been seeking while shielding them from the uncomfortable displays that you may sometimes be interested in executing on your end of the world.

This also solves the problem of nosey neighbors.

Cheap ways to block your neighbors’ view

Erect a hanging garden

A hanging garden is an excellent idea for blocking your neighbor’s view. In order to construct one, you will need a wooden contraption that towers all the way above the height of an average fence from which you can hang the plants in the containers and planters you have. 

The wooden board acts as a fence while the plants add both a fine outdoor aesthetic and create the needed buffer between yourself and your neighbor.

Line property with tall decorative trees

Against the fence or along the outline of your fence, line tall decorative trees that together form a dense barrier blocking your property from view.

Ensure the species you go for does not further complicate your situation since many such trees easily come with additional needs for management such as pruning, mulching, spraying, and pest management. 

Some trees also induce allergic reactions when their pollen falls on your skin or is breathed in making this an unfeasible option especially for anyone with respiratory conditions such as asthma. 

Make a hedge fence

A hedge fence is one of the best options when it comes to selecting a live fence. Hedge fences typically are composed of midsized shrubs with dense foliage that are easy to maintain, shape decoratively, and are evergreen. 

Shrubs tend to be plants that are tough in dry weather and can usually withstand cold temperatures as well surviving both extremes all year round. Their leaves and bark are actually pest deterrents and in many cases, they do not accommodate infestations of any kind.

A hedge fence is unlikely to introduce a pest problem and since they are hypoallergenic, they will not normally cause any reactions upon contact with the skin.

The dense canopy is their biggest selling point. Hardly any gaping holes can be found when such hedge plants are planted properly and expertly with the help of a capable landscaping expert. Leylandii and Conifer are excellent hedge plants but the choices available are numerous.

You will never have to worry about privacy with a hedge fence in place. Aesthetically, a hedge fence when trimmed, pruned, and cared for appropriately is an intensely captivating green mane around your house giving off the aura of a whimsical maze or midcentury castle grounds decor. It can be a beautiful sight.

Wooden boards or bamboo fence

For an absolute opaque block, bamboo fencing or neatly crafted wood boards should give you a completely cordoned off fencing solution. If you have little to no knowledge of woodworking, this is not the job for you, and DIY fencing with wooden boards is not an easy job. 

Wooden boards or working with bamboo planks takes expert wood treatment and placement. Apart from the technical aspects of the job, there is also the artistry that goes into making the fence look amazing and beautiful without being imposing and unfriendly. 

You want the fence to blend into the atmosphere of the home while also providing you with a wall.

A wooden fence also allows you to decorate extensively and elaborately on the inside of your property adding a layer of beauty and cheer to your home especially if you decide to go for as many flowering plants as you can find.

Again you must be careful about allergic reactions and you must also be intentional about maintaining orchards if you decide to add flowering plants to your wooden or bamboo fence otherwise, a well erected wooden or bamboo fence is enough to block your neighbors view adequately and give you the privacy you want.

Stylish outdoor screens

Outdoor screens are another great solution for creating more privacy on your property. While it would be too much to put up outdoor screens all around your property line, outdoor screens are a great way to cordon off a section such as your porch, a gazebo, or a small area around your outdoor hot tub or pool.

These screens will block your neighbors’ view enough to give you the privacy you so much need as you enjoy an outdoor activity or soiree. 

Outdoor screens also create more intimacy in the small space by separating it from the rest of the yard area which is a welcome effect that allows you more freedom to enjoy your private activities more deeply.

Put up a corrugated sheet metal fence

A corrugated metal sheet fence is the best and most full-proof way to create a block that prevents neighbors from watching or seeing you directly while you use your yard. 

In addition to privacy, this is an excellent security measure if you feel that this is something you need for your property. A corrugated metal sheet fence is also permanent and can last years without wearing down. 

If permanence is something you want to achieve in fencing your property then this is one of the better options to go with. Your privacy will be assured but so will your security.