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Choosing Between Lutron Diva and Maestro Switches

Lutron Diva and Maestro, How can you control your home’s lighting system from a distance? Well, you need a remote-controlled lighting system. With the remote-controlled lighting systems, you’ve ultimate control over all the lights.

You can switch the room’s light on or off and even adjust their brightness remotely without placing your finger on any knob or button. Even if you’re a wall away from your home, you can still switch on the lights. However, you need to have a reliable switch that guarantees efficiency and satisfaction.

Lutron is the most famous lighting control system that aids in home automation. It’s a well-known brand and the leading manufacturer of wireless controls. There are various Lutron models, but the famous one are Diva and Maestro

Lutron Diva and Maestro are always competing against each other in all dimensions. They are quite similar with few differences and it will always be hard for the buyers to settle on a single option. Do you have a hard time deciding on which one to go with? Keep reading to learn more.

Lutron Diva and Maestro are smart switch solutions that give you more control over your home’s lighting. These switches are an excellent alternative if you’re searching for something different and want to have an easy and enjoyable experience with your home’s lighting.

Here’s a comparison based on features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Lutron Diva Vs Maestro: Comparison

Lutron Diva and Maestro

Lutron Diva

The Diva is a smart switch from the Lutron brand. There are other Lutron alternatives, but Diva serves the purpose well because it’s the most equivalent, with Maestro having some similarities and some variances.

The Diva has been carefully tested with all of the main brands. Findings showed that Diva is compatible with all types of bulbs. However, before you buy Lutron Diva, you need to check on the compatibility table to know whether the switch is suitable for your house.

The switching module is the greatest part of Diva; it employs a very sensitive slider mechanism to give over 250 illumination settings. You can pick anything you want instead of choosing the pre-set lighting intensities.

Furthermore, Lutron Diva can operate with Halogen bulbs for up to 600 watts and dimmable lights for 150 watts. It employs Lutron’s unique technology to maximize your bulb’s dim range without interfering with other dimmer switches in your house.

Diva light also has the benefit of being programmable to link up to 18 bulbs. You can install two separate switches in two different locations to control your home’s lighting from any off-the-switch location.

Installation of Lutron Diva is also simple. You may have a flawless installation procedure in as little as 15 minutes.

Lutron Maestro

Lutron smart switch includes Maestro, which is a fantastic switch option. It’s also on the cheaper end of the smart switch spectrum. Therefore, don’t expect Lutron Maestro to have other current switches’ bells and whistles.

It has wireless capability, but not over Wi-Fi connectivity. Still, you’ll enjoy the smart remote that allows you to control the entire lighting system in a business place or home from a reasonable distance.

Maestro is a more complex version of Diva. The notable features of Lutron Maestro that you won’t find in Lutron Diva include a full spectrum of designer light controls, fan timers, sensors, and controls.

That means that you’ve more options from Lutron Maestro than the basic Diva, which can only be used for lights. Additional programming choices have made Lutron Maestro easier to use, giving you total control over your house lights or fans.

The delayed fade-to-off feature that is common with Lutron Maestro lets you walk out of the room after you’ve switched off the switch. The delayed fade-to-off option will make the bulb be on standby for a while before turning off completely as you exit the room.

In addition, Maestro has 3-way compatibility rather than Diva’s two. With the 3-way compatibility of Lutron Maestro, you can adjust the lighting with three switches.

The Lutron Maestro also has some clever features that are a gift, such as power failure memory, which remembers your settings in a power outage, so you don’t have to adjust the lights or reprogram the switch once the power is available.

Lutron Diva vs. Maestro: Main Differences

Lutron Diva and Maestro


Naturally, Lutron Maestro is more expensive than Lutron Diva because it has more compatibility and integration features.

User Interface and Aesthetics

The Maestro series of dimming controls are digital, whereas the Diva collection is analog. Both have similar dimming functionalities. The main difference between Lutron Diva and Lutron Maestro is aesthetics and the user interface.

Lutron Diva has a toggle switch for turning it on and off, while the Lutron Maestro has a push switch. The Maestro employs a push-button for dimming, whereas the Lutron Diva uses a slider.


Generally, you can do much with Lutron Maestro compared to Lutron Diva. However, that doesn’t mean that Diva is not a compelling incentive to buy. Lutron Maestro is the preferable alternative because it’s easy to use and has 3-way compatibility.

You’ll be squandering money if you insist on getting the Lutron Caseta because you stay with individuals who prefer a remote-controlled lighting system throughout.

Lutron Diva is cheaper than Lutron Maestro. Therefore, it’s the ideal option if you’re on a limited budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a wireless lighting system.

Maestro is more expensive because of the additional feature of being able to integrate fans and lights to make your home the best place to stay day or night.

You should be aware that cheaper prices come with a drawback. You don’t have any additional device integrations or compatibility for Lutron Diva. However, with Maestro, you can benefit from Amazon’s Alexa compatibility.

Generally, Diva and Maestro are the best switch options from Lutron. Now you have a good idea about the features, pros, and cons of each variety to help you choose the suitable one for your home. Always consult experts and check on the compatibility table when buying Lutron switches.