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Closet Hanging Solutions: Space-Saving Ideas

I always end up feeling like there isn’t enough room in my closet, even after getting rid of things. It’s tough to keep my tops and shoes neat when I have too many items for my closet space. But, with smart space-saving ideas, you might find your closet can fit more than you thought. Check out the 19 top closet organizers of 2024. They offer unique methods and products to help you use every inch of your closet wisely.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover space-saving solutions for your closet organization.
  • Utilize the 19 best closet organizers of 2024 to maximize storage.
  • Learn clever techniques and products to make the most of your closet space.
  • Transform your cluttered closet into a functional and stylish storage space.
  • Efficiently store clothes and accessories to save time and improve organization.

DIY Organizing Techniques and Products

Sometimes, the best closet organizing solutions are ones we make ourselves. DIY techniques and products let us use every part of our closet space. They also add a personal touch to staying organized. Here are some expert tips.

Jennifer Bridgman: Scarf Holder

Jennifer Bridgman, from The Chronicles of Home, turned a wooden bar into a scarf holder. She kept her scarves neat and added style to her closet doing this. This simple method is both useful and adds beauty to any closet.

Annie Selke: Drawer Dividers

Interior designer Annie Selke suggests using dividers in drawers. They help keep things tidy and easy to find. You can find dividers to buy or make your own from materials like cardboard. They’re perfect for organizing clothes and accessories in your closet.

Stephanie Mark: Ultra-Thin Skirt Hangers

Stephanie Mark, from Coveteur, has a space-saving trick. She hangs her pants on ultra-thin hangers, making room for more clothes. This method is great for slim pants, like leggings and trousers.

Melissa George: Purse Dividers

Melissa George, from Polished Habitat, got creative with purse storage. She used cardboard and fabric to make purse dividers. This DIY makes finding and displaying your favorite bags easy. It also gives your closet a stylish upgrade.

Victoria Smith: Two-Tier Design

Victoria Smith, the blogger behind sf girl by bay, doubled her closet space with a two-tier design. Adding a second rod under the first one doubled her hanging room. This clever hack lets you store more clothes without losing accessibility.

These tips are just the start of creating a well-organized closet. Using creative and innovative ideas can turn your closet into a space that shows your style. Don’t hesitate to start making changes. With your tools and some creativity, you can maximize every inch of your closet!

DIY Organizing Techniques and Products

DIY Technique/Product Benefits
Jennifer Bridgman’s Scarf Holder Contains growing scarf collection
Annie Selke’s Drawer Dividers Keeps items organized and easily accessible
Stephanie Mark’s Ultra-Thin Skirt Hangers Saves valuable closet space
Melissa George’s Purse Dividers Organizes purse collection effectively
Victoria Smith’s Two-Tier Design Doubles closet’s hanging space

Small Closet Organization Systems

Right systems are key for small closet organization. Neat Method provides great tips to make your space work better. They share methods and tools to keep your closet tidy and spacious.

Adding built-in shelves is an excellent start. You can put folded clothes, shoes, and accessories in their own space. This reduces clutter, keeping things neat. Wall hooks are also helpful. They’re perfect for belts or scarves, making them easy to grab in the mornings.

Consider adding cubbies and drawers too. These help keep small items like socks and t-shirts tidy. Clear bins in the cubbies let you quickly spot what you need.

small closet organization

For shoes and accessories, organized storage is a must. Labeled baskets are a great idea. They make it easy to see and find what you need. Customizable closet systems work well too. You can adjust them to use every bit of space.

Organizing Tip:

Where you place your items matters for good organization. Keep your often-used things at eye level. Store things you don’t use as much up high or at the back.

With the right systems, even a small closet can be tidy. These solutions help you get rid of clutter. Plus, finding your clothes and accessories is much easier.

Benefits of Small Closet Organization Systems Examples
Maximize storage space Cubbies and drawers
Reduce clutter Wall hooks
Organize accessories Labeled storage baskets
Provide easy access Modular closet systems

Having a well-organized closet makes life simpler. You won’t waste time looking for lost items. Instead, your space will be neat and easy to use.


Having an organized closet is key to using your space well. You can do this by using DIY methods, small organization systems, and space-saving items. These steps help in clearing your closet and using every inch wisely.

By incorporating these tips, your closet can turn into a tidy, easy-to-use space. A well-organized closet saves time and reduces stress when picking out clothes. So, apply these storage solutions to change your messy closet into an efficient and attractive area.


What are some closet hanging solutions?

Closet hanging solutions are varied. You can use wooden towel bars for scarves and drawers with dividers. For pants, thin hangers work well. Also, think about using purse dividers and two-tier designs for more space.

How can I maximize space in my closet with DIY organizing techniques?

Want more closet space? Try these DIY tips. Use wooden towel bars for scarves and add dividers to drawers. Thin hangers are great for pants. Using purse dividers and two-tier designs can also help.

What are some small closet organization systems I can use?

For small closets, try built-in shelving and wall hooks. Cubbies and drawers work well too. Labeled baskets, modular systems, and clear bins can make a big difference. They reduce mess and increase your room.

How can I maximize my closet space?

Maxing out closet space is easy. Mix DIY tips with small system solutions. Think about repurposing, modular systems, and smart storage. Organize by how often you use things to make the most of your space.

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