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Closet Planning: How to Get Started

Do you often find yourself searching through a messy closet every morning? It’s challenging to pick the right outfit. You can change this by organizing your wardrobe better. But starting can be confusing. Closet planning is essential for a neat and stylish storage space. It works for small or big closets. Careful planning lets you use the space well.

First, look at your closet’s size, what you need to store, and how you want it to look. Measure the closet’s height, length, and depth. Knowing these helps pick the right size for shelves and rods. When choosing a closet system, consider your style and budget. You can pick from wood or wire closets.

Get ready to customize your closet. Add things like closet towers, shelves at various levels, and drawers. Including shoe storage and valet rods keeps things neat. A well-organized closet saves time in the morning and makes your room look better.

Ready to start your closet planning? Here are some tips to make a space that’s both stylish and organized:

Key Takeaways:

  • Measure the dimensions of your closet to determine the size of shelves and rods you’ll need.
  • Choose between a walk-in or reach-in closet depending on your space and preferences.
  • Select a closet system that suits your style and budget, such as wood or wire.
  • Customize your closet with features like closet towers, hanging rods, shelves, and drawers.
  • Don’t forget to include accessories like shoe storage and valet rods for added convenience.

Designing a Custom Closet for Your Needs

Planning a custom closet needs thinking about your own space. If you have angled walls or weird dimensions, don’t worry. There are ways to make the most of the area. This creates an organized and efficient storage solution.

“A well-designed closet can transform your daily routine and make getting dressed a breeze.”

If your closet isn’t working for you, consider better options than wire shelves. Solid shelves or wood shelving look better and are more durable. They make your closet look good and hold your items well.

Add closet towers for more vertical storage. This lets you use the space above your hanging clothes. Also, use hanging rods at different heights for different length clothes.

Shelves at various heights are great for folding clothes, storing shoes, and accessories. Add baskets, cubbies, or drawers for smaller items.

Customization is Key

“Customizing your closet layout allows you to tailor your storage solution to your unique needs and preferences.”

Think about making your daily life easier when planning your closet. Having an ironing board that folds up saves space and is convenient. If you add a mirror, it can make getting ready simpler too.

maximize closet space

Customize your closet to store things you need. For shoes, consider a shoe rack or adjustable shelves. For accessories, install racks or hooks. Valet rods are useful for planning outfits.

A well-thought-out custom closet gives you the most space and meets your storage needs.

Custom Closet Design Tips Benefits
1. Consider the layout of your space Optimize storage potential
2. Look beyond wire shelves Enhanced durability and aesthetics
3. Incorporate storage solutions Maximize vertical and horizontal space
4. Customize your closet layout Tailor to your specific needs
5. Add convenient features Increase functionality and ease

Organization Tips for a Functional Closet

After designing your custom closet, the next step is to ensure it’s well-organized. A crucial step is to check the depth. It should be deep enough for your clothes to not touch the back wall. This keeps your clothes looking nice for longer.

Shelves play a big part in keeping things neat. For folded items, space the shelves right. Shoes need 6-7 inches of space between shelves. Stacked clothes require 12 inches apart. This setup makes it easy to see and access everything.

When hanging clothes, think about using double-hang rods. This is great for shirts, skirts, and pants. Put the top rod 84 inches high and the bottom one at 42 inches. Different clothes need different amounts of space. So, plan your hanging areas carefully.

Add-ons like shoe storage, belt racks, and valet rods are very helpful. They make it easy to keep things organized and stop things from getting lost or messy.

Lastly, storage bins and drawers are a must. They’re perfect for organizing small items like accessories. Using these helps keep your closet tidy. It also makes it simpler to find what you need every day.


How do I start planning my closet?

First, think about your space and what you need to store. Consider the style and how you’d like to keep things organized. Measure your closet’s dimensions well. This includes how high, long, and deep it is. This tells you what size shelves, rods, and others you’ll need.

Should I choose a walk-in or reach-in closet?

The choice depends on space and what you like. Walk-ins offer more storage space and can be customized with various features. These include towers, rods, shelves, and drawers. Reach-ins are smaller but work for keeping clothes and things neat.

What closet system should I choose?

Think about your personal style and what you can afford. You can choose between wood and wire systems. Wood systems look luxurious and can be customized. Wire systems are budget-friendly. They also let your items breathe and stay visible.

How can I maximize space in my closet with an unconventional layout?

For odd layouts, like those with angled walls, plan more carefully. Put in closet towers and rods at different heights. Add shelves and accessories like baskets or drawers. These tricks make every inch count.

What are alternatives to wire shelves?

If wire shelves aren’t working, try solid shelves or wood shelving. These offer better support. They also make your closet look nicer.

How can I organize my clothes in my custom closet?

First, ensure your closet isn’t too shallow. Use the right size shelves for folded clothes and adjust for shoe storage. Have two rods for hanging clothes – one high, one low.

What accessories can I add to enhance the functionality of my closet?

Consider shoe storage, and organizers for belts and ties. Valet rods also help. Adding these keeps things in order and makes the most of your space.

How do I keep smaller items organized in my closet?

Use bins, baskets, and drawers for small items. These are great for socks, underwear, or accessories. They make finding things easy.

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