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Comparing Ledge Lounger and Aqua Chair for Poolside Comfort

When your pool has the sun ledge or famously known as the tanning ledge, the next thing that you need is the in-pool lounger chair.  The most prominent options to consider include the Ledge Lounger and the Aqua chair. Your swimming pool is never complete without the in-pool chairs to make you enjoy the outdoor air with ultimate comfort.

Aqua and Ledge Lounger are the biggest rivals as the outdoor furniture to have in a pool. Both make the perfect in-pool essentials, but each has finer details that make it unique from the other. Therefore, this article is set to help you differentiate between the Aqua chair and the Ledge Lounger. Keep tuned as we explore more on what it’s essential to help you make informed decisions.

Ledge Lounger Vs Aqua chair Overview

Ledge Lounger and Aqua Chair

A Ledge Lounger chair is an armless recliner with an ottoman that is intended for relaxation. They don’t recline because they are built in a permanent reclined position that the user cannot alter. Lack of recline angle is the typical feature that distinguishes Ledge Lounger chairs from typical in-pool recliners.

Ledge Lounger is used for lounging and relaxation, as the name suggests. They’re not made for workplace usage but unwinding. As a result, they’re rare even in the most innovative business contexts, and they’re now most commonly seen in homes and swimming pools in industrialized countries.

For many years now, Ledge Loungers have been ranked as the number one outdoor furniture. It is at the top position mainly because of the quality materials used and the enhanced durability.

Typically, many pool companies consider Ledge Lounger designs without thinking too much about the other alternatives. Yes, aqua chairs are a great alternative to in-pool Ledge Lounger chairs. However, you need to know some of the crucial features and information that distinguishes the two rivals to help you know the variety that meets your preferences.

Aqua chairs are also the ideal additions to your pool. If you’ve a lower budget then it’s pocket-friendly; they are a bit cheaper than Ledge Loungers. Aqua in-pool chairs are super comfortable when supplemented with risers, loungers, and pillows. Well, let’s find out the difference between the Ledge Lounger and aqua chairs.

Difference Between the Aqua Chair and Ledge Lounger

  • Materials Used

Both the Aqua chairs and Ledge Loungers are made from UV16 rated resins. That is why the two outdoor furniture tends to withstand the harsh sun, chemicals, water, and the weather around the pool for many years.

  • Sun Compatibility

Aqua chairs and Ledge Loungers can be used for ledges. Thus they are suitable on decks and beaches. However, the Aqua Chairs are only best when used 6″ to 9″ of water. You can use the Ledge Loungers for the deeper ledges, while the Aqua chairs cannot fit.

Using the Aqua Chair in deeper ledges will make it submerge by 10″ to 14″. Fortunately, you can use the raiser to keep it slightly elevated and not wholly covered by the pool water.

  • Durability

Ledge Loungers are more expensive than the Aqua chairs. In addition, the price of Ledge Lounger is higher because the outdoor furniture is made from high-quality materials that are crafted with utmost workmanship to produce an item that is strong enough to withstand the frequent wear and tear for many years to come.

According to the evaluation of the pool enthusiast’s reviews, It’s also clear that the Ledge Loungers have extended durability than the Aqua chairs. In addition, the fabrics such as pillows and fabric that complete the Ledge Lounger are made from reliable outdoor fabric to make them last even for more than nine years.

If you need an outdoor piece that you can leave in water for years and still find comfortable and stylish like before, the Ledge Lounger is worth your consideration. Unlike the Aqua chairs, Ledge Lounger has a better warranty and in-water accuracy options available at a bit of cost.

  • Color Variations

Ledge Lounger and Aqua Chair

The signature Ledge Loungers are available in 12 color versions, while the Aqua Chairs come in 5 color varieties. The Aqua outdoors lacks granite, sandstone, and lime green colors. The three colors are the most famous, and it’s among what the pool fanatics value.

When it comes to color durability, the coloring of Ledge Loungers lasts longer than that for the Aqua chairs in line with the various discussions made on different platforms plus the customer’s reviews. There are reports that the Ledge Lounger colors go for more than eight years.

The Aqua chairs and Ledge Lounger are made from the mainstay products that can withstand various outdoor and wind elements. You don’t need to paint them year after year when they lose some of their colors. Only register it for proper maintenance and note how it will keep refining itself as you plan to get another sophisticated option from the market. Generally, it takes loungers more than 16,000 hours to fade despite the scorching UV rays.

  • Price

The price gap is the significant difference between the Ledge Lounger and the Aqua chairs. Most people are likely to pick Aqua chairs because they’re more affordable than the Ledge Loungers. The price of the two outdoor loungers is fairly high. For example, you can acquire an Aqua chair after paying approximately $500 and around $700 for the Ledge Loungers.

The Bottom Line

Ledge Lounger is ahead of Aqua chairs in price, durability, sun compatibility, and color variations. On the other hand, not every individual can afford it and that leaves Aqua chair as the best alternative.

The Ledge Lounger alternative came into the picture because it’s an affordable in-pool lounger chair that is believed to deliver more than what it’s expected. It’s comfortable, environment friendly, and supportive enough to allow for nearly all the relaxation positions.

Notably, the Aqua chair is affordable and not cheap. However, if you have a slightly higher budget, then you can consider Ledge Lounger. For residential purposes, Aqua Chair is a suitable option with all the essentials to fulfill your needs.