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Dealing with Sparking Blankets: Troublesome Static Electricity

Sparking Blankets, You love your blanket. It’s warm, it’s soft, and it’s just the right size for you. But, every now and then, you notice something odd about it. The blanket is lighting up!

What? Can a blanket do that? Yes, but not the way you’d think. We’re not talking about some kind of electrical phenomenon here — this is just static electricity.

The static electricity that causes your blanket to light up is created by a difference in charges on two different materials. When you take your blanket out of the dryer, it becomes charged with static electricity. This is because it has been rubbing against other fabric as it tumbles around in the dryer.

The static sparks when it comes into contact with another surface with a different charge. In this case, that would be your body or another piece of clothing.

Static sparks are harmless and will only last for about five seconds before both surfaces have equal charges again. However, the pricking sensation from static build-up in your blanket can be unpleasant.

To fix this issue, you need to use an anti-static spray or let you’re blanket sit, and air dry outside for a few hours before using it again. This will allow some of the static electricity to dissipate into the air.

If you keep using the dryer, more static electricity will build up and eventually make its way back onto your blanket when you use it again. By allowing some time between each use, you’ll prevent this from happening and keep yourself safe from shock while sleeping at night!

My Blanket is Lighting Up: What Should I do?

Sparking Blankets

Sparking Blankets trying to get rid of static cling, try one of these quick and easy solutions:

Air Dry Your Blanket Outside

If your blanket is lighting up under your sheets, set it outside in the sun or hang it on a clothesline outside to air dry.

Don’t use the dryer because it can cause static electricity that could cause the problem again. If you have a clothesline, hang it outside on a cool, sunny day and leave it there until it’s completely dry. If not, lay it flat on top of another piece of clothing (like a towel) in front of an air conditioner or heater vent so that air can circulate through it as it dries out.

Use a Dryer Sheet

One of the easiest ways to get rid of static electricity is to use a dryer sheet. You can rub it against your blanket to remove the excess charge. The best thing about this method is that it’s cheap and easy; however, it may not work for all blankets. Some people find that their blankets still light up after rubbing them with dryer sheets.

If you don’t have a dryer sheet handy, try rubbing the blanket against another object with some static cling. If that doesn’t work, you can use an old cloth or towel to rub against it until you are able to remove the static electricity from your blanket.

Use an Anti-Static Spray

Static electricity is the culprit of many a blanket fire. If your blankets are static-y, sprinkle them with a little anti-static powder or spray. You can also buy anti-static sheets for your dryer.

Sprinkle a little Static Guard on your blanket, rub it in and let it dry. This spray contains a chemical that attracts the electrons on your clothing and creates an electrical bond that prevents static cling from occurring. It’s available at most grocery stores and department stores for about $6 per can.

Add Moisture With a Damp Cloth

If your blanket still lights up after applying Static Guard, try adding some moisture to the surface by running a damp cloth over it. This should help break up any static electricity on the fabric so that it doesn’t fly around anymore. You may need to do this several times before the blanket stops lighting up when you fold it or move it around in your hands.

Wetting your blanket with a damp cloth will also help eliminate any built-up charges. Be sure there are no dry spots on the fabric; otherwise, this method won’t work as well as it could!

Try a Different Blanket

Some blankets are designed to be more resistant to static cling than others. Consider buying an anti-static blanket if your current one isn’t working for you.

Sparking Blankets live in a humid climate and your blanket is still lighting up under your sheets or mattress pad, try an acrylic-blend blanket instead of cotton or wool. Acrylic-blend fabrics don’t absorb as much moisture as natural fibers do, so they have less tendency to build up static electricity when they’re warm and damp from body heat during sleep hours.

Is It Normal For Blankets To Spark? Should You be Worried?

Sparking Blankets

You know the feeling. You’re sitting on your bed, and suddenly you hear a crackling sound and feel a tingling sensation. Your heart stops for a second, and you wonder if you’ve been electrocuted. But then you realize that it was only your blanket making those sounds and sparks. Should you be worried?

The answer is no. It’s perfectly normal for blankets to spark, especially if they are synthetic or wool.

One reason your blanket might feel prickly is static electricity from being dried in the dryer.

When you put something in the dryer, the air is sucked out through a heating element. This element heats up the air inside the drum and keeps moisture from collecting on clothes or blankets as they tumble inside. But as they do so, they rub against each other, which can cause some friction and generate static electricity. This static build-up can lead to an unpleasant experience when you try to sleep under your blanket!


So, your blanket is buzzing. Don’t worry; it’s probably just static cling. There’s nothing to be concerned about, and you can fix it by keeping your blanket out of the dryer and air drying in the sun for a few hours instead. Try that and see if it solves your problem. If that doesn’t work, try the other suggestions in this article.