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Distinguishing Fainting Couches from Chaise Lounges

Chaise lounges and fainting couches look similar to the ordinary person, but any furniture lover will tell you they are pretty different. If these two pieces of furniture interest you, you will find their similarities and differences comprehensively discussed in this article.

Differences between Fainting Lounges and Chaise Lounges

Fainting Couches from Chaise Lounges


Fainting lounges were developed in the 19th century as a resting place for the lady of the house. They were commonly placed by windows to allow a view of the garden while resting. Today, collectors highly appreciate them as they symbolize elegant living in the Victorian era.

The chaise lounge was an essential piece of furniture in ancient Egypt that provided an in-between chair and daybed for respite in the arid climate. So also, it became popular in France in the 16th century.

However, it was designed for the rich to rest and lounge without using the bedroom. As a result, it became a social status symbol, and the French craft workers used only rare and expensive materials for its construction.


They used fainting couches for women to faint into when they were overwhelmed or lightheaded during the Victorian times. However, the couches are currently used as décor pieces for bedrooms and living rooms. The fainting couch easily stands out in an understated room. However, its silhouette makes it best suited to an opulent space. Most designers love its elegance and old-world feel and use it to style various rooms by placing it near a window or at the foot of a bed.

The chaise lounges have become more popular because of their versatility and comfort in modern times. You can use them for activities like reading when relaxing because they lack arms, which can be disruptive when napping or reclining back. They are perfect for extra seating in any room or in a relaxing spot like your porch, where you can use them for sunbathing or watching the stars.

The chaise lounge is often used to blend luxury with comfort through its mahogany features upholstered with rich brocade fabrics.


The most basic difference between the two pieces of furniture is the design. Fainting couches have a sloped back running along the seat’s longer side, while a chaise lounge has a standard height placed on the seat’s shorter side.

Fainting lounges are ornate furniture with reclining arms designed for comfort and support. They provide a comfortable and supportive place to sit or lie down because of their armrests. Their frames have more decorations, like metal legs and carvings, as wealthy people historically owned them in Victorian times. Their undersides include storage space for bedding items.

Chaise lounges are long seats that lack armrests and do not recline. They provide a comfortable place to sit or lie down that is not entirely supportive because it lacks armrests. They have an angled headboard you can use to rest your head against when you recline backward.

Most of them are wooden and upholstered. Others have simple fabrics like cotton and linen, while others have luxurious fabrics like velvet, fur, or leather. Other options lack any padding at all. Your choice will depend on your intended use of the furniture and your decorating style.


Although fainting couches were historically popular, they are currently unavailable except as antique furniture pieces in museums or with collectors and furniture lovers who value them as décor.

Chaise lounges have immensely grown in popularity and are readily available in most furniture stores. In addition, you can find them at the poolside, back patios, terraces, and porches.

Similarities Between Chaise Lounge and Fainting Couches

Although both pieces of furniture have distinct differences, they have some similarities that make people confuse them.

  • Both pieces are long chairs. At first glance, you will notice the length of both chairs is pretty similar.
  • You can use both for the same purpose. They both resemble a daybed, making them ideal for napping or relaxing, reading a book, watching TV, etc. You can also use them as statement pieces in your space.
  • According to their history, both were found in the homes of wealthy people. The designs and materials made them elegant furniture pieces that exuded an opulent feel in the room.
  • In modern times, both pieces are a symbol of elegance and luxury.
  • Modern-day fainting couches and chaise lounges can also be used as actual beds for guests.
  • They are both worthy investments, depending on your style, taste, and budget.
  • You can set both up stylishly to look more modern and add personality to your space.

Key Takeaway

Fainting Couches from Chaise Lounges

Having a fainting couch or a chaise lounge, or both in your home is a worthy investment. If you are looking to get one, look at the differences and similarities. But if you are still confused, here is a summary.

  • Fainting couches are more ornamental than chaise lounges because of their frame designs and carvings.
  • Chaise lounges are readily available at most furniture stores, while fainting couches are not.
  • You can only recline in one direction with fainting couches, while a chaise lounge allows you to recline in both directions. The chaise lounge is, therefore, ideal for two people to recline together, allowing conversation.
  • You can touch both up to add spice and personality to your space.
  • They are long and require ample space. So, if you are short on space, you can accommodate one or none.
  • The chaise lounge has outdoor variations ideal for any weather and comes in different models and fabrics, offering you a variety to choose from.
  • The fainting couch provides you with extra storage on its underside.
  • If you are an antique or vintage lover, the fainting couch is the ideal addition to your space. However, if you are a lover of contemporary furniture, consider the chaise lounge.
  • If you are looking for functionality over style and class, the chaise lounge is what you need. On the other hand, if you are looking for social status and a luxury symbol, the fainting couch will work for you.