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At Stories of a House, we take great pride in the work we produce and make every effort to give our readers frank and unbiased advice.

As our team expands, the strong editorial standards we had as a smaller team of researchers, writers, and home remodelling professionals are still something we aim for.

We strive to provide highly factual, objective, and impactful content across various themes, thanks to our multi-layered editorial approach.

We only partner with and support businesses that uphold high ethical standards, with whom we have a working relationship and ongoing communication, who are open about the construction materials they use, and whom we have personally tried and tested.

Research is the first step in our editorial process, which continues to the final edit and publication. Below is further information on our editing ethos:


We only pick and assign writers articles based on their level of competence in the subject area. Our writers are based in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and are considered part of our team. Because we don’t hire writers on an on-and-off basis, we can guarantee a very high level of expertise in every article and review we publish.


At Stories of a House, every piece ordered to be written has already passed a thorough research phase. We won’t cover a subject if it sounds questionable or doesn’t seem to follow our editorial values.

For those topics that we believe will provide actual value to our audience, we commission one of our writing team members whose expertise is most closely suited to the topic.

Our team of house appliance, house decoration, and home improvement specialists is expanding, and we also have active professional home remodelling experts who work with customers in the real world and can attest to the effectiveness of their advice.

As we attempt to provide the most extensive information on the issues we cover, we provide our writers the space they need to complete as much research and testing as they need before writing.

Our editors have the responsibility and authority to reject any article they feel does not meet our standards. They can reject the article anytime before publication, including after acceptance if concerns arise.


At Stories of a House, our readers’ trust is something we value. According to our principle, if our content isn’t entirely accurate, it’s just “not accurate”; as a result, we strive for complete accuracy in every piece of content we create.

Since the pace of the home construction and remodelling sector often advances quickly, this makes the function of the editors vitally essential. As a result, our editors thoroughly check every piece of written information, and we frequently reevaluate earlier content as new studies are published.


Whether writing a construction material review or a “best of” guide, our objective is always to maintain impartiality.

Our content is monetized through affiliate links (where appropriate), but it is never influenced by financial gain. This revenue aids in maintaining a solid editing process.

As previously said, we typically only feature products that make it through our screening process in the research phase, but when we do include things that don’t meet our high standards, we’ll make that obvious and frequently offer better alternatives.

Even the most outstanding products will occasionally have problems; we will be clear in these cases.


After being written by one of our writers, the content is pre-screened in three steps before publication. This involves fact-checking, spelling and grammar, and a real-world application screening process. Usually, two editors work together to do this.


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