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Effective Ways to Eliminate House Flies

Kill House Flies can be annoying, especially if they invade your house. They do emit a loud humming noise, are dirty, and multiply very fast. Flies are present wherever people live. During summer, be prepared for these uninvited guests – Flies. 

How do you kill these “filthy flies” in your house? These insects are known for their 360 degrees field of vision and swift movement in the air, making them difficult to catch and get rid of. Apart from using a fly swatter, swatting with hands or objects, and leading them into a flat surface for easy striking are some alternatives ways to kill flies.

Read this article for a comprehensive report on these options, including natural ways to keep flies away. Please stick with us to the end.

How To Kill A Fly Without A Fly Swatter: Alternatives

Kill House Flies

Swatting Using Your Hands

First, you can strike the fly against a surface it is on, and your hand makes a slow movement toward the fly, then hit it quickly with your hand. Ensure you’re at an appropriate distance to reach the fly. Make one move towards the insect and trap it.

Alternatively, you can approach the fly from behind, monitoring its quick front motion by targeting your hand a few inches ahead for the slap.

The second approach with using hands is to clap the fly between your hands. With two palms open, face the fly’s direction, then suddenly bring your palms together like you are clapping, raising your hands slightly in case it escapes upwards.

Slap with a Spatula

The spatula is similar to a fly swatter to trap the fly in between it and the surface. Kill House Flies would be best if you went slowly and speedily hit the fly at its still position. Kill House Flies is advisable to use a spatula with small holes or a slotted one because it has minimal air resistance leading to less pressure in the air making the fly unable to detect it. 

Ensure you wash the spatula thoroughly with dish soap and water before you use it for food 

Use a Solid Heavy Object

 Try things like a book. A rolled-up newspaper, a shoe, or a block object can easily swing single-handedly or even with both hands. Make your motions slowly to swat with your thing.

Use a Towel or Dishcloth

Take a small hand towel that is easy to swing. Dampen the towel to make it weightier to strike the fly with strength.

Are there Natural Ways to Eliminate Flies?

There are other natural remedies that you can use to lay a trap for these pests. These products are inexpensive, under your pantry, and easy to use. Try these easy hacks:


DIY Trap

The easiest way is to lay a trap of fermented foods and liquids that can allure them into the web. Get 2-liter soda bottles, cut them horizontally about 6 inches from the lid, and pour some cider vinegar or wine inside. The content will attract the flies as they are attracted by fermentation.

Mix the liquid with a little bit of dish soap to weakness its tension which enables the flies to stay afloat for them to slide in and drown

Venus Trap

You can acquire the Venus trap from the garden stores near you. The white flowers, just as they appeal to humans, attract flies due to their sweet nectar. The moment the insects trigger sensitive hair inside the traps – the flower eats flies. 

Venus flytraps are known as “carnivorous plants” as they eat insects. It encloses the flies and discharges some digestive juices that break down pests for about 5- 12 days, then spit out the remains. You can use the Venus flower trap on ants, spiders, and beetles.

Vinegar Trap

 Keep a small quantity of vinegar in bottle top lids from water bottle areas where flies can enter the house and become a nuisance. 


Another method to kill flies is using flypaper (a ribbon of paper spread with a gummy substance with a scent that lures flies) where they are stuck. You can improvise yours by punching a hole on one of its ends and tying a string through it for hanging purposes. Smear the cardboard with a mixture of honey and maple syrup.

Household Fly Spray

Essential oils like peppermint, orange oils, tea tree, etc. mixed with water will eliminate the flies if they reach close. You can also mix 18oz of white vinegar with 2Tablespoon of washing dishes and use it as a room spray.

However, these methods have a few disadvantages, like the trail of unpleasant smells, they leave in the room. Additionally, they don’t guarantee that the flies won’t return, nor do they prevent their infestation.

Cayenne pepper and water

Cayenne pepper acts as a repellent; therefore, the mixture prevents houseflies from invading the house.

What are the Best Flies, Killers?

Kill House Flies


These are suitable for quick and agile fly hunters offering a fuss-free option to tackle the issues. Swatters look like tennis rackets. Some contain the electric current that assists in clearing the flies’ menace with a single touch. They are perfect in a large area.

Light Trap

These are boxes with light in the back that attract house flies. As they get closer to the lights, they get electro-circuited with the power zap or trapped based on your electric type.

It is advisable to install light tubs away from windows and entrances to prevent their visibility from outside. Mount them within 5 feet of the floor. Keep in mind that bright lights also attract lights.

Use Repellants 

You can use pesticides and fumigate to clear any infestation of flies in your home.

Is a House Fly Harmful?

Besides being a nuisance in the house, flies carry bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted when they bite. Some of the diseases they have are:

  • Food poisoning
  • Dysentery
  • Eye Infections
  • Tropical infections (Yaws)
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid fever
  • Tuberculosis

Houseflies have amazing eye views, are extremely fast, and move swiftly. Therefore, despite trying the option above, the number one thing is cleanliness. Kill House Flies would be best if you were highly observant of any dirty present in the house. Hygiene is paramount.

House Fly infestation may cause health issues, so never always keep high levels of hygiene, and we have shared extensively the solutions you can get rid of and keep them at bay.