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Fixing a Leaking Tub Spout: Cost and Solutions

Fixing Leaking Tub SpoutYou may have encountered this issue before. You go to turn on your tub faucet, and water starts to leak out the back. This usually indicates that you have a leaky tub spout from a worn washer or plumber’s putty.

A leaking tub spout is a common plumbing problem that can be frustrating, but it’s not difficult to fix. The question is: How much does it cost to fix a leaking tub spout?

The answer depends on where the leak is and how advanced it is. If you have a new faucet or shower head, you might be able to repair it yourself. If not, call a plumber for help.

Reasons why Tub Spout is Leaking From The Back

Improper Installation

If you had someone else install your tub spout, it might not be installed correctly. This could cause leaks in two different ways:

The pipe connector was not inserted into the correct hole. A typical installation requires two pipes (one for hot water and one for cold water) to be connected to each other with a screwdriver or wrench. The pipes should not be tightened too much because they can crack, which would cause leakage. In addition, over-tightening can cause water pressure problems or even damage pipes, which would eventually lead to leaks at some point.

The pipe connector was not inserted into the correct hole and did not tighten properly. If this happens, water may leak out of the pipe connection instead of going through the shower head or faucet spout itself.

Fixing Leaking Tub Spout


Another reason why a tub spout may be leaking from the back is corrosion. If you have an older home with galvanized pipes, there’s a chance that they’re starting to corrode and leak. This can happen over time if you don’t regularly maintain your pipes by flushing them with vinegar or baking soda and water solutions. A quick fix for this problem is installing new copper pipes in place of galvanized ones.

Faulty Valve Assembly

If your tub spout is leaking at its base and there’s no evidence of improper installation, then it could be due to a faulty valve assembly inside the handle or faucet body. The most common cause of this type of leak is corrosion on O-rings and gaskets inside these components. The water pressure can build up until it forces water through these seals. This can happen gradually over time or suddenly after use or after turning off the water supply while running hot water in your shower.

Damaged Parts

If your tub spout is leaking from the back, then it’s possible that one or more of its components are damaged and need replacing. If you’ve had any problems with this type of fixture before, then there’s a good chance that some parts may have been damaged due to wear and tear over time. It’s always best to replace worn pieces immediately because if you don’t, you could end up paying more to fix them.

Here’s How To Fix Leaking Tub Spout

Inspect The Tub Spout

Tub spout is leaking, the first step is to make sure that it’s not just the showerhead or water line that’s causing the problem. If you’re getting a steady stream of water from the showerhead and nothing from the spout. Then it’s not likely to be a problem with the spout itself — but it might be worth replacing any old pipes and gaskets in your shower anyway. Getting water from both ends of your faucet, take a closer look at the tub nozzle itself.

Shut Off the Water Valve:

Turn off the main shutoff valve for extra safety in case you accidentally drop anything into the open pipeline. Use a wrench to loosen or tighten both ends of your pipes to ensure. They’re secure before turning on your water supply again. You may need to use pliers or vice grips when tightening stubborn nuts and bolts on your pipes (like those found in most shower heads). Make sure all parts are connected tightly before turning on your water supply again!

Twist Off the Tub Spout:

Twist off the old tub spout using a pair of pliers or a wrench. If you do not have one available at home; this may require some force, so be careful not to strip it out as well!

You can pick up a new tub spout at any hardware store for around $10-20.

If there are only minor issues with your tub spouts, such as worn-out gaskets or rusting metal parts, you may be able to repair them yourself without calling a plumber. If not, hiring one makes more sense because they have the experience needed for this type of job.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Leaking Tub Spout?

The cost of fixing a leaking tub spout depends on the type of faucet and how urgent the repair is. In general, you can expect to pay $50-$200 for this type of repair if you have a basic faucet. However, if your faucet is more complicated or in need of extensive work. You could pay up to $400 or more.

Leaking tub spout is a common problem. The spout and drain assembly is made up of several parts, which can wear out over time. A leaking tub spout can be fixed by replacing the worn-out parts.

The average cost for a plumber to fix a leaking tub spout is about $150-$200, depending on your location.

Repair materials usually range from $15-$30 depending on the brand and type of replacement parts used.


Whenever you are faced with a plumbing problem, the best way to address. It is to call in a professional who can properly diagnose the issue and then offer you options. It’s better to spend a little more on hiring such a plumber than trying to tackle such problems on your own, especially if you are inexperienced in plumbing. That way, you avoid getting in over your head and have the professionals handle the problem for you. If you have been having troubles with your tub spout leaking from the back, get up close and personal with some of these problems and solutions now.