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Gentle Leather Couch Cleaning Guide: Dove Soap Method

Leather Couch Cleaning Guide for Dove Soap, Leather is one of the most durable, cheap-to-maintain surfaces for couches. However, it collects dust and hence requires regular cleaning. Because leather is sensitive material, extra caution is necessary while cleaning it. People use various ways to clean leather couches, such as vinegar, baking soda, and soaps like Dove.

Dove is the most popular soap known for being gentle on the skin. But can it be used to clean leather? Dove soap is ideal for cleaning leather due to its balanced pH or neutral characteristic. Add soap on a damp cloth and foam it up. Gently rub it over your couch as you wash throughout the process to remove dirt and grime, then remove the foam with a different dry cloth.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your leather couch using dove soap, its benefits, and other tips on how to take care of leather furnishings. 

Cleaning Leather Couch With Dove Soap: Step by Step Guide

Leather Couch Cleaning Guide for Dove Soap

Dove soap is readily available in liquids and bars in every store in America. It is gentle. Thus you can use it to clean your leather couch and restore the long-lost shine. Dove soap won’t spoil your surface as it is neutral. It is also easy to use.

Follow these steps to give your leather couch a new look in just a few minutes.


  • Vacuum with a soft brush attachment
  • Multiple microfiber cloths
  • Bucket with warm water
  • Leather conditioner
  • Dove moisturizing soap (liquid soap or shavings from a bar soap)


Step 1: Using Your Vacuum

Vacuum your leather couch with a soft brush add-on before you start cleaning to remove any dirt and debris from the corners and crevices that might mess with the entire cleaning process.

Use a soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to prevent scratches

Step 2: Prepare a Cleaning Solution 

Mild pH/neutral soap like Dove is the best choice. It may be in a bar foam, or mix your cleaning solution with warm water and a small amount of Dove liquid soap or shavings from the dove beauty bar until they dissolve.


For a natural approach, use the hack of diluting 50: 50 white vinegar and water. This option is effective yet gentle for most types of upholstery.

You can use saddle soaps as they are mainly made for leather, although they run the risk of darkening or hardening the surface of your surface.

Step 3: Dampen your Microfiber Cloth

Dip one of your microfiber cloths into the cleaning solution and wring it of the excess water to make it damp.

Step 4: Get Cleaning

Gently run the surface of your leather couch using circular motions tackling every part you believe is dirty.

Step 5: Dry the surface 

Take a soft, dry cloth, dry the surface of any remaining moisture, and apply a leather conditioner.

Make it a routine to regularly clean your leather furniture to keep them aesthetically appealing. Use the 5 step procedure if you want to see stunning results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Dove Soap

pH Balanced

Anything used on leather must be pH balanced to avoid damaging the leather’s fibers, unlike other alkaline soaps available in the market, which are acidic. Dove is gentle to the skin and leather surfaces because it is neutral.

Doesn’t Leave Any Residue on the Couch

Other soaps may be greasy, leaving a wax film on your leather surface, resulting in a dull surface. Dove soap doesn’t leave any residue, meaning your seats, bags, and other items will look clean and new after using dove soap.

No Toxins on Leather

Dove soap doesn’t leave any chemicals or toxins on the surface, thus safe for your loved minors and pets, unlike other cleaning solutions with toxins, thus endangering your loved ones. Dove is a gentle option that won’t damage your leather couch.

Has Moisturizing Cream and Aloe Vera

Dove soap contains moisturizing creams and aloe vera, which replenishes the skin, which is essential to leather’s well-being. It cleans your leather as it nourishes them; however, it doesn’t mean it replaces leather conditioner as a substitute.

Safe to Use on All Colors

Dove soap is gentle and safe in all types and shades of color, so you don’t have to worry about fading or any damage.


It is an option that is cost-effective and suitable for those on budget. With a bar of Dove, your leather is as clean as new. As a result, it has made it a convenient and affordable solution.

Suitable for Cleaning General Stains

General stains like dirt, dust, makeup, food, and other available marks might be on the couch. It is a soap that is versatile.

How to Clean Leather Using Baking Soda

Leather Couch Cleaning Guide for Dove Soap

Another excellent cleaning method for leather couches is by using baking powder. It works magic, especially in places with oil stains, moisture, or unpleasant odors. 

Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on the affected spot and allow it to sit for a few hours or until it entirely absorbs the oil or moisture from the surface. It is best to leave it overnight on the couch for 24 hours for unpleasant smells to freshen the furniture thoroughly.

Upon completion, the baking soda can be vacuum cleaned with a bristle attachment, and using a soft cloth, wipe it away—next clean using a cleaner solution to do the final touches.

Are There Other Soaps You Can Use For Cleaning Leather Couches?

Apart from dove bars and liquid, you can use Pears and Nivea. These two products are great because of their mild nature. In addition, they don’t leave a strong smell after cleaning or stains. Therefore, they’re a perfect alternative to dove soap.

What Should You Not Use on Leather?

Leather gets easily damaged when you use the wrong products to clean and maintain. Restrain from using acetone or alcohol-based products as they harm the leather couch surface.

Any petroleum-based cleaning agents are not allowed in leather cleaning as they erode the stitching of the leather piece. Examples are alkaline cleaners, baby wipes, furniture polish, etc.

Leather sofas are an excellent choice for they are stylish, timeless, and long-lasting, and maybe they are easy to clean. A quick vacuum or wipe down with a dry cloth will work for weekly cleaning. Nonetheless, follow the step-by-step process shared above for pristine leather.